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Flirt Tip #1 – Throw ‘Em a Crumb

Most single women complain that they don’t date enough, but when I ask them how many men they’ve asked out lately, the answer is often a shocked and confused “None!”
(Nun, get it?)

Romantic rule: If […]

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“Heartache Prevention Question” Video and Podcast

Wouldn’t it be great if the men you dated came with little WARNING stickers?

Well, you’re in luck, because they actually do. You just need to instantly pick up on the clues that men give […]

Man Magnet Videos

Are you stuck in a lonely man-free tower? Fear not! The Cavalry’s coming, (and we’re wearing stiletto’s…) Join Lauren Frances and her expert makeover team. Together we’ll create the romantic marketing tools (the right […]

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The 64 Million Dollar Question

Have you ever wondered what men REALLY want from women? (And no, it’s NOT just sex. Although it helps!) You CAN learn powerful ‘Manhandling intel’ that unlocks the ‘mating mysteries’ of the more rumpled […]

Leah Copham’s Love Story

I met Lauren after being devastated and heart broken by a man I thought was the best match for me. I felt like I would never find another guy that made me feel the […]

inTouch Online

This Valentine’s Day, get star treatment for your love life! Author, relationship expert and love coach to the stars Lauren Frances’ amazing Romantic Reboot tele-classes and podcasts will reboot your love life in six […]

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“With Lauren – I’m discovering a new way of being with men…”

“Laughter, fun and an open heart are now a part of me. As attractive as Lauren is intellectually as a mentor; she is even more so as a human being. She sees the perfection […]

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She’s saving romance one page at a time!

Mark Ruffalo – Actor

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