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You are truly the Michelangelo of love!

Just to let you know, you are all that. Oh how you are sent from above!! I set up my online profile today and the world exploded. I have an avalanche of responses from my online dating site, including 3 doctors, 3 high-powered/partnered attorneys, 2 CFOs of major companies and a couple of spiritual hotties. You are truly the Michelangelo of love!

I need a secretary for my inbox! The emails just keep coming in (30-60 a day) and hardly a dud in the lot. Ahhh, what’s a girl to do? The comments were generally the highest accolades. Here’s one comment: “Hi – love your vibe, the energy is palpable. Your profile reads like a limited engagement Broadway in Chicago-type ad where I feel compelled to know more. And, ok, I like your pictures too…” Thanks for the online input!! My profile has caused the perfect storm.

Emma S. — Man Magnet NYC 2009

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