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Wide Awake!

While slipping into unconsciousness in front of the computer, your wonderful writing has me wide awake. I especially liked this thought: “Legendary tour de force show stoppers only come around once in a lifetime and I await my partner for our debut in love’s spotlight!”

So many people try to use too many words to describe an ideal that probably does not exist. Your description says it all. Add passion and chemistry to the mix and you are on the right path to a match! Although I am very new to this site (actually just a couple of weeks), I have looked at enough profiles to sense uniqueness. The typical profile is cliche’ ridden and trite, while yours is brief and straight from the heart. Plus, you don’t have what seems to be a universal “laundry list” of traits that people are seeking in a match.

You seem to agree with your comment: “I want to turn about the relationship floor fully embraced with the attention and sensitivity of a special man who has conquered his career and now seeks a legendary love affair and all that it implies.” From my experience, the likelihood of finding a true match is in inverse proportion to the length of your laundry list.

Hence, my list actually has only one entry and that is: “You’ll know her when you find her.” This is a difficult venue where everyone is seemingly attempting to be someone whom they are not. For example, you comment: “I am passionate about, ponder life philosophically, and can find peace in the midst of chaos. I am looking for an evolved man, one prepared for true love.”

Other than the fact that I am a different gender (thankfully), you have just described me and what I have been seeking–which is probably why I am still seeking that wonderful match–I have much to give and want to know that I will in turn receive at least as much. Quoting my new, favorite writer again (you!): “You’ll find me jetting to NYC or other culture centers to take in an art exhibit, attend a gala, or watch an amazing dance performance. I am reading several books as I am very curious about life, people, spirituality, events and love.”

It sounds to me as if you are seeking that elusive combination or “balance” that is so hard to find, but totally unmistakable. Balance has been my goal over the last several years and I’ve definitely found it–using my gut over my intellect has been difficult, but I’ve learned that it is rarely wrong….

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