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by Lauren Frances

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Get irresistible ‘Romantic Marketing Tools’ that really WORK, and learn how to to flirt like a ‘Man Magnet’ online – and offline!

This digital program will show you how to LEAP off of the screen, and into mens hearts! 

 As the ‘premiere online dating expert for single women’ my Man Magnet Makeovers have been featured on TV Shows like The Doctors, The Real, The Real Housewives of the OC, Extra, and Face The Truth this fall.  Now you can get all of my intel about how to create romantic marketing tools to make you a total STAND OUT, with and 


The Cyberflirt Secrets Podcast Program:

How to create winning Romantic Marketing Tools for Online & APP’s  

This program will teach you how to create a heart-stopping online dating profile and take gorgeous photo’s, easily and quickly—without purchasing another thing!

Online dating has put literally millions of single men at your (manicured) fingertips…but there’s a catch. To get the ATTENTION from the quality men you’d like to actually date, (and marry!) you need 3 things: 

1)  Gorgeous man-friendly photos

2)  Excellent online marketing skills!)

4)  How to create a Love Spell online… 

The right profile can create a synergy for you, and lure a flock of available suitors that can ABSOLUTELY result in an amazing relationship.

“You are truly the Michelangelo of Love!  I need a secretary for my inbox! My profile has caused the perfect storm. I set up my Match account today and the world exploded. I have an avalanche of responses…
~Emma S.

Let’s get started…

In PART 1, you’ll get a step-by-step guide to creating Man Magnet Profiles & Photos

To make you STAND OUT & capture the right kind of attention …

You know, the guy who just grabbed a coffee and is munching on a bagel, reading the paper, watching the game, AND simultaneously scrolling through online profiles on Sunday mornings with his overgrown mutt snoring loudly at his feet. That guy!

FACT: Dating sites & APP’s have given women instant access to millions of men around the globe. But you need to know how to effectively MAGNETIZE the right partners to you, and weed out the creeps that waste your precious time. That’s why any woman dating online needs to learn how to create effective romantic marketing tools that WORK.

So if you hate online dating, or If you’re thinking… “Yeah, but I’m just one of thousands, I’m over age_______(Fill in the blank!)  I can’t compete with the rest!” I’ve tried online dating and it’s a DRAG,  you are in for a shock! With the right kind of photo’s and profiles, my clients repeatedly get totally different results. And often on the very same dating apps and websites they were formerly striking out on!

And while it’s  true that attractive men have tons of “winks” blinking at them in their in-boxes, what kind of profile breaks through, stands out, and captures alpha-male attention? Who do men feel compelled to contact, and choose as “date worthy?”

With the CYBERFLIRT TOOLKIT, you’ll get: 

1) The Cyberflirt Online Makeover. 

Attracting high-quality men online starts by winning men over right away with your written profile. You’ll be amazed at how your life changes with a profile that’s written the CORRECT way. Heartstrings open. Your romantic recognition and emotional credibility will instantly go up.

2) How to take DIY Photo’s that make men notice!

If they don’t click on you, you’ll never connect. Learn my secrets to taking gorgeous photo’s at home, that are penetrating enough to break through the clutter, and  inspire men to take action:

3) What wardrobe choices to make, and beauty tips! 

4) How to stand out from the crowd, and blow away the competition 

 As this is a Limited Time Special Offer, All Sales Are Final  with Instant Download / Digital Delivery

PART 2:  Flirting in Cyperspace:  The true secrets for Online and APP TEXTING SECRETS, FLIRTING, and DATING to turn your online and app connections, into  REAL DATES, & REAL ROMANCE!

FLIRTING ONLINE:  This 6-part digital podcast series will teach you how to QUICKLY find your husband (or a fabulous flock of suitors!) online. It’ll give you the keys to finding love in this powerful medium—information that most single women don’t know about. You’ll learn how to flirt effectively to attract the immediate attention of your dream man, and how to respond to him effectively, if he’s found you!

In this information packed program, you’ll learn: 

1) How to get men to pay attention to you, and respond.

2) How to become a Cyberflirt Standout!

3) Getting a Man Plan: How to schedule love back into your life.

4) Dating Like and International Spy – How to Uncover his Dating Preferences and Spot Red Flags

5) How to transition men in your inbox, to actual in-person dates.

6) How to date your lovebird, and play for keeps!

“I was almost ready to put on a nun’s habit.  Lauren changed all that! Shortly after working with Lauren I met my wonderful boyfriend who has opened my heart and made me realize I can’t live without LOVE!”– K.D.

Here’s What You’ll Get…

I wouldn’t be surprised if the right man for you is living or working within a 10-mile radius of you RIGHT NOW. Maybe he’s even wondering when he’s going to meet a great woman like YOU this very second. Maybe you already know him, but you haven’t connected yet. Find him. Make it happen. You’ll both be happy you did.

You Need This Information!

If you are burnt out, and getting no romantic traction after a long spell of trying, these programs will transform you love life! So please don’t give up on online dating yet.

Statistics show that one 1 out of every 4 marriages is now happening through an introduction that occurred online and on APPS, and I promise you that if you follow my step by step programs, it will turn your results right around!

Be your own best friend and give yourself permission to go for it.

Stop spinning your wheels and make your romantic dreams a reality. You can stop HOPING and start HAVING. Remember: Even Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White did a lot of footwork to find their fellas! They picked up after seven dwarves, swept the castle, washed and waxed the floorboards, and spun yards and yards of silk! They were exhausted. Going on a Manhunt is much more fun!

Here’s to honoring the romantic dream inside of you…

Here’s to making your romantic dreams actualize and materialize. And here’s to you finding your LOVEBIRD, my Lady! 

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