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Your Mission: Learn the secrets to Dating Like a Man Magnet (& landing lovebirds!)

Have you ever wished that great single men naturally flocked to your side, and whenever you wanted them too? And STAYED?

My new Cyberflirt Workshops will give you the dating and flirting skills you need magnetize men, and keep them coming back to pursue you for the long term. They’ll up your dating confidence, increase your Flirt Factor with men, and open up your romantic options with worthy suitors.

So you’ve ever wished you had serious Man Magic, and KNEW how to capture male attention and KEEP it (no matter your age, or the size of your thighs), I promise you, you can!

FLIRT FACT: It’s easy to attract happy, handsome, high achieving men. You just need some modern Dating Technology under your garterbelt. And here’s how to get it…

Join us! My new Dream Date Workshops are confidence building, info packed, and highly supportive weekend intensives held at these gorgeous locations…

I’m slipping on my stiletto’s and leading workshops near you…


This weekend event is a full day (12pm – 6pm), join in the fun…

NYC: June 26th  GoHeart Just $99

The Art of Dating…

Some women just exude a kind of feminine charm that’s like catnip to men. My two favorite Scarlett’s (O’hara & Johansson) are perfect examples of this flirtatious phenomenon.

They’re just natural flirts.

FLIRTING: (def v.) 1. The art of attracting available men to you at will. 2. The 1st stiletto-step of the courtship dance. 3. The feminine art of making men YOURS.

If you’re single, knowing how get positive male attention is the first stiletto step to romance. It’s actually the most critical thing that Single women need, if they’re going to find and KEEP love.

Unfortunately, most single women aren’t great at dating!

They clam up, shut down, of make disastrous dating mistakes with successful and available men, (and often even without even realizing it.)

Even gorgeous successful gals that own homes, businesses, and high heels galore, get ‘overlooked’ or mysteriously dropped by handsome, wage appropriate and highly desirable men, after just a date or two.

Confused, they start to sing the Battle Hymn of Single-dom: “All of the good guys are already taken!” “Men get intimidated by me” or blame it on their age, or the size of their thighs.

MAN FACT: Amazing single men are literally everywhere. They’re ready for love too, but you’re walking right by them. They don’t have a problem with your success, your weight or your age. You’re just not connecting with them. Or clicking right by ’em!

FLIRT FACT: Your ability to flirt from the very first glance, and right thru your first few dates can kindle a fabulous spark, or POOF! Spell the end of what could have been a fabulous long term romance.

So if no one’s asking you out…

• If they guys you like, don’t choose YOU…
• If he didn’t call you back…
• And if the men you want don’t pick you, and frequently ride off into the sunset with other women…
• Your salvation has finally come, hon!

I’ve already shown thousands of woman how to succeed at finding Legendary Love. And now it’s your turn…


I’ve created a fabulous new ‘Cyberflirt Workshop’ for women just like you, who are ready for love, and just need some help at Acing the art of dating. You won’t be winging it on your own anymore in the flirting field. With my secrets to flirting and dating, you’ll create as much high quality male attention as you want, and whenever you want.

You’ll get invaluable “flirtatious manhandling maneuvers” to break the ice with handsome men, anywhere and anytime. You’ll discover my best ‘Manhandling Techniques’ that turn men ON in early phase courtships and that inspire them to pursue you. You’ll stop unconscious negative dating behaviors and break bad dating habits that quickly turn men OFF.

In the CYBERFLIRT Workshop you’ll get:

  • The magnetic confidence that highly successful men are drawn to, and choose to pursue.
  • Targeted Flirt Up! Dating Weekend Workshops with Lauren.
  • Dating and Flirt Techniques that are feminine and graceful.
  • The Art of Flirtatious Conversation, with Lovescripts ( What things to SAY and Do to kindle romance, OR avoid!)
  • A review of your online dating profile from Lauren to see if what you’re putting out there to men, is effective.
  • Get a Dating APP tutorial and review, for Bumble or Tinder and Match, and if you’re not on them yet, how to!
  • Go on fun Flirtatious Field Missions to practice you’re flirting & and learning.
  • Get Lauren’s Great Date Checklist to up your game. (The 8 things you need to know and to ACE a dream date..)
  • How to Rev up your ‘Attraction Factor!’ and become his Dream Girl.
  • Learn how to flirt with wing women! AKA.Man Trap Packs. ( Group Flirting Maneuvers that attract men like mad, and work like a charm! )

You’ll also learn:

  • How to ACE flirting, first dates, and romantic second dates.
  • How to inspire male desire and increase his attraction to you, (while keeping your thong ON).
  • How to safely REJECT the wrong men quickly, and stop any inappropriate advances right in their tracks.
  • Spot Red Flags and Date Like an International Spy by slipping men ‘verbal truth serum questions’ that will allow you to find out if he’s un-dateable.

You’ll also get these BONUSES:

  • The Man Magnet Podcast, valued at $19.95
  • 2 Legendary Love Bonus Podcasts Valued at $99.00


As a love coach, Dating and the Art of Flirting is one of my favorite things to teach. The results are INSTANT, and turn women who were formerly shy and nervous with attractive men, into confident, in-control Man Magnets.

With my DREAM DATE LOVE COACHING, you’ll up your odds of romantic success by 150%*

(*Or to quote my BFF Carol Allen “It’s more like 1000%!)

So stop ‘winging it’ on your own with potential suitors!

Learn the Art of Flirting and luring lovebirds from a first glance, and how masterfully ACE DATING..


Lauren Frances is a best friend like Carrie, possesses the street smarts of Samantha when exposing uncomfortable truths, is a total professional like Miranda,and is almost as romantic as Charlotte. It’s the ultimate girls-guide to modern romance!” –Elle Magazine


VictoriasSecret_150 She’s The Flirt Fairy!” –Victoria’s Secret


Lauren’s Cyberflirt Workshop is for you if…

First dates feel like job interviews (for a job you wouldn’t want anyway!)

Men seem interested at first, but quickly disappear and flake on you…

The men you’re interested in on sites like Match & Tinder aren’t responding to you.

You’re not meeting HIGH QUALITY men in your day to day life, or in Cyberspace.

You’re tired of guys not showing up “as advertised” and sick of wasting time on men who turn out to be losers, jerks or creeps!

You’re NOT DATING, or getting rejected after a string of failed first dates and don’t know WHY.

You sometimes feel that when it comes to meeting a great guy in person, you clam up, get shy, or don’t ‘sparkle’ enough to get his attention, or get to a second date?

You feel like you’re getting overlooked online, or feel like you’re at a total dating disadvantage on dating APP’s like Bumble, Tinder or Hinge?

♦ You’ve been waiting for the universe to send the right man to you while you’ve been … (raising your kids, focusing on your career, recovering from a past breakup, etc.)  I’ll show you nudge the  ‘romantic powers that be’ with some pro-active flirting!



I’m slipping on my stiletto’s and leading workshops near you…


This weekend event is a full day (12pm – 6pm), join in the fun….

NYC: June 26th GoHeart Just $99

So if you’re single, you don’t have to be! You need this workshop!

We will cover the basics of flirting, dating, and manhandling lovebirds!

So if you want a husband, (boyfriend or plaything) join me for a fun and glamorous weekend, and learn the secrets to spotting, luring, and landing lovebirds. I’ll show you how to find them and how to help them find YOU.

During the weekend workshop, you’ll discover:

And once you start using my ‘magic manhandling flirt tips’ you’ll discover something incredible…

You can have the kind of man that want, when you know how to ATTRACT what you want!

Warning: Prepare to get flocked!

So join us and become the Man Magnet the Goddess intended you to be! And if anyone asks what’s different afterwards…blame it on your perfume.

All Love,


PS. Bring your bff and wingwomen too!

PSS. If you’re single, you can’t afford to miss it!

About Lauren

InstantShe’s been affectionately called The Man Whisperer by Extra, The Flirt Fairy by Victoria’s Secret, and “The premiere love coach and online dating expert” for any single woman trying to create love online and offline. She authored the international bestseller, Dating, Mating and Manhandling, and her Man Magnet Makeovers™ for online dating have launched countless love lives.

And now you can go on a fun flirt expedition with her!  The Red Stiletto Workshops will give you the CONFIDENCE you need to make MAN MAGIC happen. I hope you’ll join us!