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Wanna get swept off your feet? This virtual learning program is your high heeled boot-camp to creating love!

This program will help you get from “seriously single” to “loved and committed” in this tele-series. Lauren will take you through her MAN-ifestion Process that has gotten thousands of women around the globe dating, mating, and MARRIED to the men of their dreams. And now you can get those kind of romantic results, too. This series will give you Lauren’s Man Plan, and you’ll get the support of an online community to support your “vision of love” and turn it into your reality.

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If you’re wondering if your Prince has gotten lost in the woods, or carried away on Tinder, you’re not alone. There’s an epidemic out there…

Millions of single women are living alone, planning for their futures alone, buying homes alone, and even vacationing alone, when they don’t want to be alone! They want happy partnerships and loving marriages. And here’s what’s fascinating, when they talk to me, they all confess they thought they’d be married by now, or at the very least, dating. They’re usually shocked by how much time has slipped by.

What is going on here?

The truth is that if you’re like most women, you really want to be in love, but might be finding the process of CREATING love, a very tall order. And it’s not your fault!

So if you’re burnt-out from dating, or sitting on the sidelines romantically benched, please read this…

It’s not your fault. Dating as an adult is often extremely confusing. It can even be hurtful and disappointing, and bring up very deep vulnerability and fear. Liking men that don’t like YOU, or romance you and then magically disappear is often more heart wrenching at 40, 50, or 60, than it was when you were sixteen. And online dating, dating apps, texting and sexting can make a girl feel like the whole process spinning out control. Kinda like your driving without your hands on the wheel, or threading a needle with your eyes closed. A little scary, right?

Flirt Fact: Until you understand the modern “date-scape,” even the most amazing, successful, and attractive women often find themselves left out. Even women with tons of love to give and an arsenal of french lingerie.

You need a shortcut.

Because let’s face it….the landscape out there is competitive, fast paced, and the rules to the modern dating game has totally changed. So imagine this…What if you could somehow ‘safeguard’ your dating process? And had one of the most supportive and successful love coaches right by your side, every stiletto-step of the way?

I promise you, you’d be dating, mating and marrying in no time!

I’m going to show you how successful, smart women find love.

You don’t need to be a supermodel or be perfect dress size to find love. You need a proven Man Plan. My coaching has already helped thousands of women who were formerly single, just like you, create bodice ripping romances. The kind of heart pounding passion you never thought possible. That deep and loving connection with that RIGHT man that you’ve always longed for.

I can’t wait to show you how to succeed in the dating field. You CAN get the ring. And I’m going to show you how…

Get in The Ring!


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Are you ready for “the real thing”? Then get in The Ring!

I’d like to personally invite you sign up today for my amazing new program The Ring. You’ll get the most current, up-to-date information about how to date like a Man Magnet, be confident about your ability to date, express your true femininity, magnetize the right partners, and create your very own Legendary Love. So if you’re on a mission for The One, and not just another someone, I’d like you to make this pledge to yourself…

“It’s time. I’m going to find true love and commitment this year.”

Didn’t that feel good? Good. Now here’s how you’re going to get on the fast track to doing it…

Get in The Ring!

This program will get your stiletto’s pointed in the right direction…and straight up the alter! I’ll take you through a new phase of my amazingly effective Man Plan that has gotten thousands of women around the globe go from seriously single, to dating, mating, and married.

Imagine not having to wing it on your own anymore just hoping, and got real insider information and man-tested tools that really worked, instead. Along with an amazing group of wing women around the globe as romantic backup. All you need to do is jump into the ring, and with your very own Fairy Godmother (aka. Love coach.)

You’ll Get a Proven ManPlan

This virtual online course will give you a proven Man Plan that has already helped thousands of women who were formerly single create Legendary Love.

The kind of love that you never thought possible, or might have once had, but somehow lost. That romantic connection you’ve always longed for, but was somehow just out of reach.

THE RING’S Man Plan is based upon years of love-coaching thousands of clients through the process of flirting, dating, and attracting love in ways that result in REAL relationships, blissful marriages, and happily ever after endings.

My coaching has already helped thousands of women who were formerly single, just like you, find their Legendary Love.

The kind of heart pounding romance you never thought possible, or once had but somehow lost. That deep and loving connection with that RIGHT man that you’ve been longing for.

And now you can get those kind of romantic results, too!

And that’s where I come in!

I’m Lauren Frances, and I’ve and I’m going to show you how to have an amazing love life. If you’re ready for a deep, meaningful, and SEXY romantic relationship and marriage, then your salvation has finally come, hon!

There is no man shortage. Your dating skills just need an upgrade! (And don’t feel bad. You’d be shocked at the number of gorgeous celebrities who’ve got me on speed dial, and for the EXACT same reasons, too.)

Creating support and community around your love life is going to up your odds of romantic success. It is literally the game changing event that most people need to effect real change in any art of their lives, especially their love lives.

The Good News: All you’ll need is a little lip gloss, a cellphone, and a little ‘behind the scenes’ romantic tech support!

The Ring’s curriculum is a safety net that will up level your romantic results throughout the entire process of flirting, dating, and manifesting love.

You won’t be going it alone anymore, but instead, and have my support, my wisdom, and my guidance, along with an entire community of women who are committed to finding and creating love too. And will be totally rooting for you!


What’s Inside

Here’s what you’ll get..

  • A Man Plan with detailed instructions on how to find and KEEP your lovebird, (or a flock of fun someone’s!) in fun, doable steps.
  • 16 Targeted Topic Driven Podcasts with e-materials, and LIVE Q & A calls with Lauren.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: Get Lauren’s entire library of podcast programs and selected live events at 15% OFF!
  • Entrance into The Ring’s private online community for BONUS materials, the message board and extra helpful resource materials.
  • The Rings Private Message Board, where you can ask questions, share your Romantic Reports, get feedback from Lauren and her team, and CONNECT with your sisters in the field!
  • Get put into a virtual ManTrap Pack of fun wing women who are near you, and around the globe. Our community is brimming with AMAZING women, and it’s time to connect you! (Optional)
  • V.I.P. Invites to fun flirting opportunities OFFLINE, and upcoming special events with Lauren around the globe!
  • SUPER SPECIAL BONUS: V.I.P Discounts and first priority Enrollment in upcoming events.
  • A Man Plan to create your very own personalized program, to move your love life quickly forward.

Details About the Program:

  • Calls will be held on the 1st Monday of each month!
  • Calls can be accessed on our tele-conference line or thru the webcast, as you prefer.

Hot Topics

Here are some of the hot topics we’ll cover:

Setting your sights (on Cupid!)

  • Getting a serious Man Plan.
  • Set up your dating Calendar!
  • How to create total ‘love magic’ alters, and “Romantic ‘Feng Shuei-ing’ your home.
  • Creating intention and SUPPORT for the upcoming year ahead.

Man Magnet Beauty Secrets

  • How to look gorgeous, even if you’re on a budget.
  • What to wear one dates 1, 2 and 3!
  • Beauty tips that you’ll love, and that will make you feel more confident.
  • How to transform yourself into the women you always WANTED to be, on a budget.
  • What to bring during a sleepover.
  • How to become your total romantic FANTASY, and blow men’s minds.
  • Wardrobe transformations that will WORK.

Flirting in the field, & how to lure lovebirds!

  • The art of flirting in the field.
  • Mastering early phase dating
  • How to incite romance at a glance, and what to SAY when you’re flirting!
  • Subliminal body Language techniques
  • How to be IRRESISTIBLE!
  • How to tell if you’re flirting is working, or secretly turning men OFF.

Compatibility Co-ordinates

  • The Chemistry Test.
  • How to tell if he’s falling in love with you. The tell tale signs!
  • How to tell if he’s just stringing you along, or is just casually dating you without strong intention
  • Spotting red flags
  • Vetting men for compatibility.
  • How to tell if he’s about to break up with you, and what to do about it!

The Birds and the Bees

  • How to inspire his desire, and get him deeply bonded to you.
  • Unlocking his hidden desires, and deeply excite him.
  • How to inspire men to please YOU.
  • Secrets to controlling the pace of physical intimacy
  • How to have the ‘talk’ about intimate issues without turning the BOTH of you off!
  • How to be a CONFIDENT, classy, sex bomb in the bedroom.
  • How to KNOW if he’s really turned on.

Secret Man Intel

  • What you need to know about Men
  • The Neuroscience of Love
  • How to prevent him from straying
  • How to quickly tell if he’s a cheater, or has other deal breakers you won’t want to live with
  • How to tell if you’re a long term couple, or just short term fun.
  • How to get on the same relationship page with your suitor, or re-write the book.

Dating in Cyberspace (and being a Superstar Online!)

  • Man Magnet Profile Writing Secrets and Online photo tips
  • How to flirt online like a superstar
  • How to SCREEN OUT the creeps!
  • Transitioning from online to offline dating
  • How to safely find The One
  • Managing your Inbox and Dating Calendar

Going on a Man Hunt


  • How to leverage your network to find The One
  • How to approach set ups, group dating, and dating in the workplace
  • Creating a Man Trap Pack, and joining our community of sisters around the globe!
  • How to find love in your town, community, nationally and globally.
  • How to get flocked with suitors, online and offline
  • Protecting your Heart
  • How to STOP Picking Mr. Wrong
  • How to end bad dates
  • How to choose appropriate partners

What Short Circuits Love


  • How to Stop Turning Men OFF
  • What behaviors make them want to RUN
  • What makes them pull away
  • How to get things back on track
  • How to get them where you want them…on their knees!

The Secret Male Decoder


  • What they’re saying to you, and what it MEANS.
  • What turns men off in early phase dating.
  • How to understand what he NEEDS, and get what you WANT.
  • Why he isn’t stepping up, and if you can FIX it.
  • How to communicate with men in a language they can UNDERSTAND.
  • Love-scripts that work like a charm

Manhandling Maneuvers


  • How to inspire his trust and his protective devotion.
  • How to make men fall in love with you…seriously!
  • Bad Behavior and how to get things back on track!
  • How to get what you want without fighting
  • How to set boundaries with men and still get the CARE and consideration that you need.

Creating a Legendary Love

  • What is that special something you NEED to feel satisfied and to RISE in love?
  • Understanding how to inspire him to be the hero he always wanted to be, and see you as the Queen of His Heart.
  • How to create an Unshakable Golden Bond with men that leads to long term happiness
  • How to create fantasy, play, and become his total DREAM girl.

Unhexing Your Heart

  • Removing your ‘inner blocks’ to love
  • How to move forward again, no matter how hurt you’ve been
  • How to get him BACK if you’re still in love with him, and he’s still single.
  • Uncovering and transforming negative core beliefs that aren’t serving you.
  • How to recover your enthusiasm, and find a love that can heal your heart.

Stepping Up to Commitment!


  • Negotiation techniques
  • When to cut him loose, even if you really don’t want to
  • How to tell if he’s ready to pop the question.
  • What to do if he stalls and doesn’t!
  • Negotiating differences and how to tell if they are workable.

And SO much more….

Get in The Ring!

Register Now!

 1 payment of $450

Register Now!

 3 payments of $166.67

You Need This Program If…

  • You were unhappy you were single over the holidays, and wished you were with the right partner.
  • You aren’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day either!
  • You want to find love, but aren’t confident you’ll find it.
  • You have no problem flirting online or offline, but don’t like what you’re reeling in.
  • You’re dating a lot, but just aren’t finding the right ‘fit’.
  • You’re not getting results from free calls and mega tele-summits, and need more one-on-one coaching.
  • You hate online dating, and aren’t great at flirting offline either.
  • You’d love to do private love coaching with me, but it’s not in your budget.
  • You don’t know why men aren’t asking you out, or disappearing after a date or two.
  • You manage to get in long term relationships, but men don’t really step up and fully partner you.
  • You’re really ready to get engaged or married this year!


and here come the brides…


Lauren Frances is so loving, she’s like a fairy godmother – if fairy godmothers were interested in finding you exactly the right prince for you, and not the other way around.

– Mishna Wolff

Initially, I was scared to get into [a new] relationship and did my best to sabotage it but at the advice of Lauren I gave it a chance and he has been the best gift God has ever given me. He is everything I have ever wanted and needed in a man and I am so thankful to have him in my life. The beautiful ring on my finger is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness. Lauren was right… if I remained patient and didn’t settle, the right guy was out there.

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– Lisa Jenkins

THE RING is facilitated by Lauren Frances


Lauren Frances is an author, media personality, and a leading expert in the field of online dating. She’s been called “The Manwhisperer” by Extra, “The Flirt Fairy” by Victoria’s Secret, and is the author of Dating, Mating & Manhandling the international bestseller and guidebook for women on a mission to get in control of their love lives. She’s been featured on BRAVO, EXTRA, VH1, OXYGEN, NBC, and in publications like Glamour, Elle, Self Magazine, and more.

Lauren’s also a leading expert in the field of online dating, and her transformational Man Magnet Makeovers for online dating are without peer. They have created hundreds of happy relationships, and they’ve also been featured on The Ricki Lake Show.

Join her Manhandling Newsletter, to get weekly tips on creating Legendary Love, and ‘bodice ripping romance!’ and get free podcasts at CUPIDS INBOX!

Get in The Ring!

Register Now!

 1 payment of $450

Register Now!

 3 payments of $166.67

I’m serious about saving your love life. You can’t afford NOT to join!
I’ll see you in The Ring!

All Love,

Lauren Frances

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