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This 6 part Podcast Program will give you a step-by-step Man Plan, and Lauren’s secrets to restarting your love-life  in 6 short weeks.

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Are you confused about why you’re still single?

You might date a lot, but no one seems to fit. Or perhaps you’ve stopped dating altogether because you’re sick of being disappointed. AGAIN. I get it. It’s tough out there for single women right now. And it’s not your fault!

A “power shift” has occurred between the sexes and DRAMATICALLY altered the way that men approach dating.  Courtship behaviors that were the norm just five short years ago have been forgotten, rewritten, or tossed right out the window! That’s why “The Rules” you were raised with probably aren’t working anymore. And that’s also why you can spend a fortune on matchmakers, dating sites, and pricey singles events and still wind up alone.

Darling Gals,

So, if you’ve been doing a ton of footwork and still aren’t finding your guy, it’s NOT because you are unlovable. It’s NOT because of the size of your thighs! It’s probably because your relationship tools, or ‘manhandling skills’, are simply outdated.

Without modern courtship information, women are just winging it with their love life. Until you understand the new “datescape” and learn how to navigate through it, even the most amazing women can find themselves left out. It’s like driving without your hands on the wheel, or threading a needle with your eyes closed. Scary, right? In truth, most single women are intimidated by the dating process. You’d be shocked at the number of gorgeous celebrities who’ve got me on speed dial, and for the EXACT same reasons, too.

Lauren Frances on the New Ricki Lake Show

But what if you could safeguard your dating process?

What if you received expert manhandling guidance from one of the most successful and sought after love coaches in the world?

Imagine not having to wing it on your own anymore just HOPING, and learn real insider information and man-tested TOOLS that really work instead.

If you’re ready for a deep, meaningful, and SEXY relationship, then your salvation has finally come, hon. There is no man shortage. Your dating skills just need an upgrade!

And that’s where I come in…

I’m Lauren Frances and I’m going to show you how to have an incredible love life. In my private practice I’ve worked with hundreds of single women around the globe. I’ve toured with Victoria’s Secret as their Flirt Expert and given Man Magnet Seminars across the country. I’ve been featured on TV and magazines, and coached celebrities that you all know and love. But it’s the real-life transformation of women like you, women who thought they would never find real love again, BUT DO, who mean the most to me.

I LOVE helping single women get the relationship results they’ve always dreamed of.

The process of taking women from single and confused to confident and committed is the ultimate for me! I do this with my private clients every day by teaching them how to be in their feminine power and showing them how to regain their romantic self-esteem. My coaching is highly effective and creates a dynamic that males will easily and naturally RESPOND to, without making you feel like you’re pushing or chasing them. Instead, they will be chasing YOU.

Over the course of six podcasts, you’ll get the same up-to-date tools that my now happily married private clients have been privy to, and paid a fortune for. This tele-seminar will give you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your relationship goals and create a “romantic roadmap.” Because let’s face it, if you don’t know where you are going, you probably won’t get there. But there IS something you can do about it. What I’ve discovered after years of studying situations like this, is that success comes from knowing WHAT you want and knowing how to go about GETTING it. Once women do, they usually will! If you’re single, you need real “Man Handling” information combined with a solid action plan. I’ll walk you through the basics of dating, step by step, and show you how to make the journey fun! You’ll get the same intensive love coaching that my private clients have come to depend on—right over the telephone, and downloaded onto your computer to review it at your leisure.

Over the course of 6 podcasts, we’ll focus on doable and effective tools that will dramatically move your love life forward. It’s amazing to me how quickly my client’s love lives change when they just start using them. And it’s so rewarding to receive messages like these…

Love Lives Changed!

  • We’re engaged!
  • He proposed!
  • We’re getting married in June.
  • Can you come to the wedding?
  • We’re pregnant!!
  • You’ve helped me make my dreams come true!
  • And I’m confident that I’ll get the exact same calls from you!

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Now please know that this program will NOT show you how to manipulate men, or hide your true self in order to “snag” them. This will only backfire and your authentic self will eventually resurface anyway. And thank goodness, because you deserve to have a man in your life who loves the REAL you.

Why Most Single Women STAY Single

Do you feel like you’re too busy with work and your kids, and don’t have enough TIME to date? You’re in good company. As I said before, there are 47 million single women in America alone! They, like you, are stressed-out, tired, overworked, and overwhelmed. Because they’re busy supporting themselves and their loved ones, the modern woman often spends more time at the office and less time on her personal life than ever before. The last thing she wants to do after a long day at the office is to go on a manhunt! She often puts her own personal needs on the back burner and decides she’ll deal with the “man issue” some time down the road. You know, when things slow down.

In reality, most busy women tend to stay that way. They’re go-getters by day and exhausted and burnt out by night. But consider this. There’s usually never a good time to take a much-needed vacation, or to change careers, get your degree, or train a pesky puppy… but you still do those things! And your life’s never the same, right? You look back and think, “Thank God I did that.” Refuse to let your dream of “happily ever after” wait until you have more free time.

What free time? If you’re like most of my clients, you’re hard working and BUSY. I’ll show you tricks to do on a manhunt on a very tight schedule, and how to make it a part of your weekly routine. I’ll teach you how to make finding love a part of your daily schedule and routine. It’s so true. Making the time will take away that desperate feeling so many single women secretly feel. That’s what ROMANTIC REBOOT will do for you—you’ll feel confident and relaxed. You’ll feel focused, energized, and ready for the kind of adventure that only love can bring.

The key is my foolproof Man Magnet Method that I’ve developed through years of research and private coaching.  And if you think there’s something wrong with you because you need to get some new tools for dating, stop being so hard on yourself. Some of the most celebrated actresses of our time, beauties who have the entire world at their feet, still need effective and hands-on love coaching. You, too, can be one of my clients who happen to be a busy career women, who finally makes the time for HERSELF and emails me that she’s fallen madly in love!

Now is the time for you to invest in yourself and your romantic happiness! Don’t wait for a “better time” to find The One. Carpe diem! Join me, and you’ll begin an internal process that will reconnect you to the most important part of your life—LOVE. Success comes from taking positive actions, and those actions will turn a lovely dream into a reality. Here’s a sample of the kind of insider information I’ll share with you…

ROMANTIC REBOOT will give you step-by-step instructions for creating a romantic roadmap.

You’ll get my expert love coaching (insider information) designed to educate single women about what you SHOULD know, NEED to know, and MUST know, about dating in the field right now. I want you to REACH your relationship goals instead of just dreaming about them. Clients who have NEVER been comfortable dating, and even women with a string of unsuccessful relationships behind them, often wind up finding their husbands QUICKLY, and are now happily married.

Because writing, taping TV shows and touring takes time, I’m often booked months in advance. I’m going to give you insider access to TRANSFORMATIONAL INFORMATION in my tele-seminar to save you time and money. I’m giving away so much information, inspiration, motivation, and usable tools during this course you’ll probably find yourself discovering deep insights about why your love life has short circuited in the past.

While the material I cover is designed to help any single woman meet and attract the man they want, if you’d like to accomplish any of the following, then this program is SPECIFICALLY for YOU:

  • If you want to stop daydreaming about finding true love and start experiencing it.
  • If you’ve tried online dating, matchmaking, and blind dating, but nothing’s working.
  • If you’re sick of dating losers, players, and low-quality men, and are ready to meet someone worthy of you.
  • If you want to know how to create powerful attraction with men “at will,” and flirt effectively.
  • If you want to find a life partner who’s very compatible with you.
  • If you’re ready to spend the rest of your life in the arms of an incredible man who loves you, instead of wondering, “What could have been?”
  • If you want to create your own “legendary love story” that lasts forever.

What You’ll Get

  • Six mp3 recordings that are easily downloadable to your iPod or computer! Each recording is 90 minutes each and includes participation from callers!
  • ROMANTIC REBOOT homework, so you can start filling in the blanks to finding Mr. Right, all while you’re listening to the session!
  • Excerpts from my book Dating, Mating and Manhandling—The Ornithological Guide to Men.

You will learn how to inspire men in such a way that they’ll naturally want to commit to you without ever having to fight or push them into it! Although this is a cornerstone principle of my relationships coaching, I decided to include this teaching in my singles coaching, and here’s why…

This coaching will also give you a deep insight into the reason why men marry certain women and not others, and give you the “compatibility test” to discover your man’s partnership potential, from Date One! This information will help protect you from poor partnership choices and help you stop wasting your time on Mr. Wrong.

It worked for Janice and Ralph to such a high degree that he proposed and committed to love her (and her children) forever within 9 months. They were married last June, and with no pushing or arguing about it on Janice’s part. Above is a picture from the exact moment of their engagement. What a fella, Ralph thought of everything! If you’re dreaming about it, you can DO it. This tele-seminar is gong to teach you exactly how to REACH your relationship goals instead of just DREAMING about them.

Romantic Reboot

ROMANTIC REBOOT will teach you my fun and effective 6-Step Man Plan. You’ll learn:

  • The amazing secret that will create rapport within 3 minutes. (Don’t be surprised when men comment that they feel “so connected” to you!)
  • How to make men fall madly in love with you (and go from “I’m so into you!” to “I’m so in love with you!”).
  • How to flirt in the field and have men eating out of the palm of your hand. (And flirt tips that work in cyberspace, too.)
  • How to speak in a way that man will understand (and from the truly authentic and feminine part of you that men love the most).
  • How to know it’s really the right time to be physically intimate with him (and how to make sure he’ll keep on wanting you, afterward).
  • What to do when a man says, “Call me,” and hands you his business card (and when you really should).
  • How to meet any man in 3 minutes! (Learn my secret icebreaker that will let him know you’re interested with NO risk of rejection).
  • How to compliment him in a way that’ll make him APPRECIATE YOU, instead of thinking he’s “got you” and taking you for granted.
  • How to reclaim your feminine power in your dating relationships.
  • How to motivate the “inner hero” in a man to inspire his best romantic self.
  • The two things you must NEVER compliment a man on, if you want him to respect you.
  • The ONLY type of phone call you should ever make to a man until you’re in a serious relationship with him (and cutting your risk of rejection to almost zero).
  • Two surefire ways to know as early as Date Number One, if he’s THE ONE with great accuracy. (And if he’s really compatible…or the type who’ll break your heart down the road).
  • How to go through the tricky early dating stages of dating (and be CONFIDENT and IN CONTROL instead of being a romantic bystander).
  • How to create a Mantrap Pack (*or a flirt-support group to assist one another while spotting, luring, and landing your Lovebirds. Once you have my flirting technology at your fingertips, you can get you’re flirt on, absolutely anywhere, anytime, together.)


You will finish this course thinking like the kind of woman that successful men COMMIT to and want to marry. And the simple truth is, single men are JUST as lonely and ready for love as you are. So help ’em out!

Sometimes finding Mr. Right takes a little time, but he’s worth it. I guarantee that the process will be much faster with the ROMANTIC REBOOT Man Plan, and the flirting and dating tutorials I’m about to give you. By investing only 6 hours of your time to learn my approach to flirting and dating, you’ll receive tools, support, knowledge, and master a dating philosophy that will give you the power to transform your love life.

Special Bonus Book: Dating, Mating, and Manhandling, the Ornithological Guide to Men will show you why…


She’s saving romance, one page at a time!

– Mark Ruffalo

I’ve followed every piece of advice Lauren’s given me. I suggest you do the same!

– Amy Brenneman

Men, Lauren Frances has figured us out…and our gooses are cooked!

– Matt Groening

Buy this book and you’ll never be lonely again.

– Anne Beatts

Ladies! Lauren truly is the Man Whisperer!

– Madeleine Smithberg

DATING-MATING-coverLuring lovebirds…

Dating expert Lauren Frances explains why men often come very close to making a firm commitment only to suddenly fly away again. Dating Mating & Manhandling demystifies modern male courtship behavior, and offers practical advice designed to help you find and keep your Lovebird.

Manhandling Tips

Solve your dating dilemmas by learning:

  • The Power of Flock Appeal: How to quickly lure the man of your dreams.
  • Date Interrogation: To assess whether he’s Mr. Wrong or if he’s flying right.
  • The Secret Bargaining Power of Your Exclusivity: How to have “The Talk” about monogamy, and give him a timely ultimatum.
  • Manhandling Tips and Romantic Rules: Nip bad behavior in the bud with effective boundary-setting techniques.
  • “Magic Words” to soothe your savage beast.

Whether you’re looking for a date, a mate, or just want to “get flocked,” Lauren Frances shares her hands-on research to ensure that your men will come home to roost in this witty and comprehensive guide to modern romance.

You Need This Information.

Action creates results. You spend a fortune taking care of your physical appearance. You spend the time and money to take care of your home, car, kids, pets, and your plants! Invest in your romantic future and emotional well-being. Just think, you can receive all of the tools you need to find your future husband for less money than it takes to get a professional haircut and highlights, or three massages.


Be your own best friend and give yourself permission to go for it. You can stop spinning your wheels and make your romantic dreams a reality. You can stop HOPING and start HAVING. Remember: Even Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White did a lot of footwork to find their fellas! They picked up after seven dwarves, swept the castle, washed and waxed the floorboards, and spun yards and yards of silk! They were exhausted. ROMANTIC REBOOT is much more fun!

Here’s to honoring the romantic dream inside of you… Here’s to making your romantic dreams actualize and materialize. I wouldn’t be surprised if the right man for you is within a 10-mile radius of you RIGHT NOW. Maybe he’s even wondering when he’s going to meet a great woman like YOU this very second. Maybe you already know him, but you haven’t connected yet. Find him. Make it happen.

He will be happy you did.

All Love,

Lauren Frances

P.S. Feel free to share this with anyone you think might be ready for a ROMANTIC REBOOT, too!

Note: If you have any questions about this program please call us today at (323) 651-2421 and we will be happy to answer your questions!

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Just to let you know, you are all that. Oh how you are sent from above! I set up my Match account today and the world exploded. I have an avalanche of responses from Match. You are truly the Michelangelo of love! I need a secretary for my inbox! Thanks for the online input… My profile has caused the perfect storm.

– Emma S

I had been involved in an on/off relationship for 3 years with a man who couldn’t make a commitment of marriage – or even come close to it! Now, thanks to Lauren’s great advice and guidance I’m dating 6 (yes – six!) new men after the final breakup with my commitment-phobic male. (If only he knew…) and I am sticking to the Romantic Researchers Oath: To fly at the apex of a flock of suitors, until one of them tells me that he’s The One, and I truly know it in my heart, too! Thanks so much Lauren. Many blessings to you!

– Brenda D.

The Man Magnet weekend opened me up totally. It gave me an ease with myself and an ease with my body. Afterwards, I began wearing form-fitted clothing. It certainly was not the clothing, but the confidence and “owning it” that had me attract and hold onto Dale. He was the “hot stuff, bad boy” from high school (30 years ago). … My family can’t believe that their Manhattan Gal is being transformed into a Country Girl. It is amazing what love does to you.

Read More

– Laurie Grigg

My confidence level and my overall understanding of the male species is on a completely different level. … The support that I’ve gotten from you Lauren, being a part of this process, knowing that I’ve got high level support, and have somewhere to go to get real answers, and somebody to help me see my blind spots, is amazing. Lauren and I were talking last week and she said, “You’re finally not traumatized.” And it’s true. I feel like I’ve finally healed those old wounds.

Read More

– Cassie M.

Two years ago, Lauren came into my life at the most perfect time. I was casually dating the wrong men who were “in the meantime” guys. … I did the emotional clearing work she suggested and followed Lauren’s Man Plan. Then BANG! I met him. David and I had our first date the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Six months later, we were engaged and were married nine months after that. Today we have a beautiful little girl named Grace. I’m so grateful I took her advice. I shiver at the thought of ‘What if I hadn’t?’ Well, there would be no David and definitely…. no Grace in my life!

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– Naz Kleiman

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