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Man Magnet Podcast

with Lauren Frances

This 40 minute Podcast will give you This 40-minute podcast will teach you invaluable “flirtatious manhandling maneuvers” to break the ice with handsome men, anywhere and anytime,  and give you that mysterious X-Factor, (that ‘magnetic confidence’ and sex appeal), that men RESPOND to.

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Darling Gals

Want to become an irresistible Man Magnet? You can!

This Podcast will give you the keys to unlocking your flirtatious feminine power. And once you start using these ‘magic manhandling keys’, you’ll discover something incredible…

You’ll suddenly have that mysterious X-Factor, (that ‘magnetic confidence’ and sex appeal), that men RESPOND to. This 40-minute podcast will also give you Lauren Frances’s invaluable “flirtatious manhandling maneuvers” to break the ice with handsome men, anywhere and anytime, and 5 flirt tips that create a “magic spark” that INSPIRES positive male attention. Get Lauren Frances’s Man Magnet techniques under your garter belt, and become irresistible!

And if anyone asks what’s different, just blame it on your perfume.

Warning: Prepare to get flocked!


All Love,
Lauren Frances

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Her online courses are pure gold.  Having completed one, my sense of self and self confidence has shot up. Last year, I heard Lauren Frances talk in a online seminar and she blew my mind with her clarity of vision and grounded, seriously helpful advice. And Lauren Frances, I am glad to report, is the real deal. She is passionate about what she does, she loves her clients and she truly wants them to find happiness.

– The Irish Independent

Check out what the men are saying about my new profile: (profile went live the evening of 2/4/2010) I’ve gotten over 550 views in 4 days alone. I NEVER got feedback from men like the emails I’ve sent to you below, the last time I was online. Thank you Love Goddess!

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– Nannete

The Man Magnet weekend opened me up totally. It gave me an ease with myself and an ease with my body. Afterwards, I began wearing form-fitted clothing. It certainly was not the clothing, but the confidence and “owning it” that had me attract and hold onto Dale. He was the “hot stuff, bad boy” from high school (30 years ago). … My family can’t believe that their Manhattan Gal is being transformed into a Country Girl. It is amazing what love does to you.

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– Laurie Grigg

The Man Magnet Makeover Weekend was a transformational experience – in so many ways 

I came away with a renewed sense of confidence, excited and energized about reentering the dating world. Lauren’s expert makeover team did an amazing job in visually capturing the essence of each participant. And, with Lauren’s incredible guidance, we learned how to express those same essential qualities in words, through our online profiles and user names. If you’re looking for love, I can’t think of a better holiday gift to give yourself!

– Karen R

Such a fun class! I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the great Man Magnet Makeover Weekend. It was enjoyable, jam packed with information and, for me, an eye (and glamour) opener. I already feel an internal breakthrough. I’m looking forward to manifesting that breakthrough (and more) in my Love Life. I look forward to more!

– Jen F.

I want to thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart, for this weekend. I am usually an extremely private person. The whole experience was like being completely cracked open. It is a true testimony of your depth as a person and the trust that you are capable of establishing within a group of women, that I would actually, unknowingly feel safe enough to just spontaneously become so vulnerable.

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– Jennifer B.

I had not been in a serious relationship in almost a decade. I was almost ready to put on a nun’s habit. Lauren changed all that! Shortly after working with Lauren I met my wonderful boyfriend who has opened my heart and made me realize I can’t live without LOVE!

– K.D.

My Dear Lauren, thank you for turning me from living like a nun into the belle of the ball!  You did a wonderful job helping me create and write my online profile. Now, I have a tiger by a tail! And I adore him. It was only possible because of you.

– Trudy M.

Ladies! Lauren truly is the Man Whisperer!

– Madeleine Smithberg

After your private coaching and Man Magnet Seminars, my phone’s been ringing off the hook!

Before I found you I’d actually given up on dating men altogether. Watching all of my girlfriends get married and have families was painful because I felt so hopeless about my own love life. Working with you has been a Godsend! After your private coaching and Man Magnet Seminars, my phone’s been ringing off the hook! I’ve become the sexy, confident woman that I always dreamed I could be. You’ve changed my love life.

– Brooke M

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