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Your Mission: It's the perfect time to repair your (fish)nets, and get into your HIGH FEMININE ENERGY. My weekly "Love Lessons" will show you how to make men MELT . . .

Get in The Ring – and become the kind of woman you always wished to be! Learn my love lessons to become confident, magnetic, and loved, by the man of your choosing.


If you’re single, you are probably pretty exhausted, and a little overwhelmed right now!

And although every single woman wishes she had a wonderful man in her life (not to mention in her boudoir), right now, creating love ESPECIALLY right now, might seem like wishful thinking. Or an impossible task!

If  you’re like most singles right now, hearing loved ones say, “I’m sorry you’re all alone, especially right now!” It must be so LONELY!” is making you feel like jumping off the line so you can weep a little bit in private,  then you know the truth.

You don’t want to be single right now,  either!  It’s just been hard finding someone you love, who loves you right back.
But I have some interesting ideas and a better plan for you.

I’m going to show you how turn on your “romantic superpowers” RIGHT NOW. And here’s why this is the best time in our lifetime,  to focus on LOVE . . . 

Fact: You don’t need to be a supermodel or be perfect dress size, to find true love. If you’re a rocket scientist, or the badass CEO, you don’t need to “dumb down” to create attraction.

You just need to become the CONFIDENT and MAGNETIC, and most of all, SAVVY, when it comes to handling your love life.

THE RING program will show you to become that woman!

(One that’s impossible to resist!)

THE RING’s is a Master Class in Romance I’m going to let you in on all of my best Magnetic principles of attraction, and transform you into the Man Magnet you were always MEANT to be, and how to do it authentically and easily!

If you’re asking yourself  “Is this really possible at this time? The world is more isolated than ever!” I hear you. And I have some insights that you might want to consider . . . 

Because this is the craziest time in modern history to date, (could it GET any more complicated?), it might seem like a terrible time to focus on your love life.

Have you noticed that this challenging time has raised the “emotional stakes” for you? How you’re more keenly aware of even the smallest acts of kindness, and how much you DESIRE, appreciate,  and crave  human connection?

The desire for love is at a peak right now, for everyone on earth,  and especially if you’re single.

Fact: “Physical isolation” doesn’t mean that you need to be Socially Isolated” –  and romantically benched,   thanks to technology!  

That’s why my clients are having some of the most transformational experiences in their dating lives, right at this very moment! And it’s also what’s inspired me to launching this program, as a NEW Interactive Webseries, right now

Lauren Frances is so loving, she’s like a fairy godmother – if fairy godmothers were interested in finding you exactly the right prince for you, and not the other way around.

– Mishna Wolff

I’ve been busy focusing on other projects for some time, but this critical time period has made me deeply inspired to teach THE RING as  live new program again, with timely new information that you can apply to your love life, right now. And I am so excited about creating community for women who are single, alone, and ready for creating love!

I want to show you how to get up-to-date flirting and dating skills. It’s time to feng shui your MAGNETIC heart center, and remove the hidden inner (cock)blocks that are holding you back from creating all of the love that you really DESERVE and DESIRE, right now.


You’re going to need a shortcut…

(And that’s why the ‘powers that be’ made me!)

Imagine not having to wing it on your own anymore just HOPING, and got real insider information and man-tested TOOLS that really worked, instead. What if you received expert manhandling guidance from one of the most successful and sought after love coaches in the world, long with an amazing group of wing women around the globe as romantic backup.

FLIRT FACT: If you’re tired of being single, and are ready for “the real thing” then 12 week interactive program, called The Ring! is going to show you how to ROCK your love life!

I’d like to personally invite you to join THE RING! During the next three months, you’ll learn my very best secrets that have helped thousands of women create EPIC relationships and marriages and yes, babies! And you’ll join a fabulous posse of women around the globe, who are also committed to creating a fabulous and meaningful love life.

THE RING’s comprehensive and interactive program will take you by the hand, and step-by stiletto-step,  I’ll show you how to create a love life worth having, and how to find a man worth KEEPING.

Imagine not having to wing it on your own anymore just HOPING, and got empowering and transformational information, that changed your romantic trajectory, instead?

And your very own love coach in your pocket…

You can stop winging it on your own, and get all of my secrets about being successful with men, instead!

This program is a special opportunity to up-level your flirting and dating skills, instead of going it on your own, and learn what I know about helping single women get real romantic results, instead!

So if you’re ready for love, or longing for it, this NEW Live Interactive webinar will give you all of the tools, support, and community you’ll need, to find it.

Let’s up your game, and change your love life!  The Ring’s curriculum is based upon years of love-coaching thousands of clients through the process of flirting, dating, and manifesting love. If you’re on a mission to find true love, and possess it in great measure, I challenge you to make a pledge to yourself: You are going to find “your person”,  this year.!  (And as God is my witness, I’ll show you how!)

I’m going to show you how successful, smart women find love. You don’t need to be a supermodel or be perfect dress size to find love. You need a proven Man Plan.

My coaching has helped thousands of women who were formerly single, just like you, create bodice ripping romances and Legendary Love. The kind of heart pounding romance you never thought possible, or once had but somehow lost. That deep and loving connection with that RIGHT man that you’ve been longing for.

Each week,  I’ll take you through my amazingly effective Man Magnet Process that has gotten thousands of women around the globe go from seriously single, to dating, mating, and MARRIED. This new program will give you a highly effective Weekly Love Lesson and show you how to create a game-changing shift in your understanding about men, and how to approach your love life, along with a powerful Man Plan. You’ll also get the “Romantic Backup” cheerleading and support,  in our private global online community forum.

Fact: Without “modern courtship information” and a real “man plan” most women are just winging it with their love lives. Learning how to  PIVOT during this global “shut-down” and focusing more deeply on CREATING love, will be INSPIRING.  In fact,  I have already helped my private clients  connect even more deeply than ever before, with brand new romantic connections! And you’ll discover, just like them, why this is actually and exciting new”golden age of romance.”

The Ring is here to keep your stiletto’s pointed in the right direction. Cloud 9, baby!

So something else is going on here. Why are you still single?

After coaching thousands of single women into gorgeous partnerships and marriages, and spending countless hours talking with single women who are either sitting on the sidelines, benched,  I’ve discovered that most single women are totally lovable! They just have some “missing gaps” of critical  information.  And dating without this information, is often the real reason that they STAY single, and keeps their love life  out of whack.

And while each woman is her own special snowflake, I’ve noticed that these problems are usually in the following areas:

1) You don’t get the right kind of male attention, and feel invisible to the men you’d like to date.

If you get ghosted a lot, and men don’t enthusiastically respond,  it can feel like you’re fishing without any bait on the hook.  You might get a nibble, but you don’t get asked out again, when you wish you would!

2) Your flirting skills don’t really work, and you feel uncomfortable around men, or make THEM feel uncomfortable! have trouble connecting with men, romantically.

3) . You’re in the friend zone,  and not the love zone. 

Do men see you as their friend, but not their romantic partner? Or do you get confused or nervous when you talk to someone you really likeBut when you know how to access your “feminine superpowers” and flirt effectively, and naturally, i becomes EASY to do. this quickly (women say they feel like it’s almost instantly effective,

You don’t really know how to approach dating.  You are together in other areas of your life, but your love life, is baffling!

Most single women have this problem!  Women (mistakenly) bring the same skillset that made them successful in other areas of their lives,  to their love lives.

In the extreme they might even fight with you, and then ghost you, even after they bed you! Tip: When this happens, you might be dating men like the badass CEO you are, but not making them feel like they’re desirable men.  And they push back!

That’s why every single woman needs to get my Manhandling Intel.

 Not knowing what drives men to pursue you, or what really makes a specific man  “tick” sets you up for all kinds of problems. You might accidentally push him away,  when you want to pull him  closer. You don’t connect deeply enough to create magnetic attraction with men.

Other women need help with Man Selection. . If you repeatedly make bad romantic choices, or misjudge a their capacity for love and their character, this is a serious (but fixable!) “information gap.”

Without this deeper understanding, it’s predictable that you’re going to run into trouble finding love.

Dating without knowing the mechanics of creating “magnetic attraction” and “manhandling info” it’s like  driving with their hands off of the wheel, or threading a needle with your closed, which is pretty scary and difficult, right? 

And that’s where I come in…

I’m Lauren Frances, and I’m going to show you how to create an incredible love life. If you’re ready for a deep, meaningful, and SEXY romantic relationship and marriage, then your salvation has finally come, hon!

There is no man shortage. Your dating skills just need an upgrade! (And don’t feel bad. You’d be shocked at the number of gorgeous celebrities who’ve got me on speed dial, and for the EXACT same reasons, too.)

FLIRT FACT: Even a global pandemic can’t stop love from blossoming!

Maybe you were doing the ‘the online dating thing’ but it didn’t work for you, or perhaps you stopped dating altogether, and are suddenly single after heartbreak or a painful divorce.

You are not alone.  Online dating, dating apps, texting and omg, sexting,  can make any woman feel like the whole process of finding someone, is totally out of her control. It’s kinda like your driving without your hands on the wheel, or threading a needle with your eyes closed. It can feel a little scary, right?

But what if you had the most successful love coaches right by your side, every stiletto-step of the way? What if you knew what to do, and what to say? I want to show you how to grab the wheel, and stop getting hurt when you’re dating. I can show you how to protect your heart, while putting ourself out there, and ‘safeguard’ your dating process.

And when you’re ready to get back out there, (literally!) you’ll be completely prepared to  manifest love, and find your perfectly appointed partner, and the right “*multi-faceted” fit.

*Marquise or Princess? Or perhaps a lovely Cushion cut?

Lauren is a man genius – seriously! She transformed my look, my wardrobe, and my life. Trust her because she knows what’s doing. If you are one of the fortunate few who get to experience her magic first hand, count yourself lucky indeed. Because of her encouragement and vision I met my man in less than 2 months after the workshop! Not only is he beautiful and loving and kind, he thinks I am the most amazing and wonderful woman on earth. He tells me he’d marry me tomorrow if I’d say yes but for now we have agreed we plan to be PFL’s (partners for life…his term!). I signed up, changed my mind, tried to cancel, but Lauren convinced me it’s exactly what I needed… thank God she did!

– Robin L

Are you ready for love? If you’re ready for a total game-changer, I can’t wait to show you how to succeed in the dating field.

Are you ready for REAL romantic results? Then put on your lipgloss and fasten your seatbelt.

Your salvation has finally come, hon!

Are you ready for an epic love? Then I’d like to invite you to check out something special. THE RING is amazing new live program that’ll give you the ongoing support and intel you both deserve and need to succeed. Because let’s face it….the landscape out there has been wildly competitive, fast paced, and the rules to the modern dating game has totally changed. And as one of my clients send me via text, “Now WTF?!!”

We’re going to be dating in a virtual hoop skirt for the next few weeks? Months? and you need to know how to VIRTUALLY DATE.

Get in The Ring!

Register Now!

 1 payment of $450.00

Register Now!

 4 payments of $125.00

Get in The Ring!

The Ring will help you get from “seriously single” to stay being seriously “loved and committed.”

Each week, I’ll take you through my amazingly effective Man Magnet Process that has gotten thousands of women around the globe go from seriously single, to dating, mating, and MARRIED.

And now you can get those kind of romantic results, too!

Fact: Without “modern courtship information” and a real “man plan” most women are just winging it with their love lives.

Until you understand the new “date-scape” and learn how to navigate yourself through it, even the most amazing, successful, and attractive women will find themselves shutting down, feeling lonelier than ever before, and needlessly left out.

It’s like driving without your hands on the wheel, or threading a needle with your eyes closed. Scary, right? In truth, most single women are intimidated by the dating process, or make a valiant effort to “get back out there,” but quickly lose their momentum. The Ring is here to make sure you keep your stiletto’s pointed in the right direction…and straight up the altar!

But what if you could safeguard your dating process? What if you received expert manhandling guidance from one of the most successful and sought after love coaches in the world?

Imagine not having to wing it on your own anymore just HOPING, and got real insider information and man-tested TOOLS that really worked, instead. Along with an amazing group of wing women around the globe as romantic backup. All you need to do is jump into the ring!

Get in The Ring…

This 3 month program will give you a proven Man Plan that has already helped thousands of women who were formerly single create Legendary Love.


The kind of love that you never thought possible, or might have once had, but somehow lost. Perhaps it’s the kind of special romantic connection that you’ve always longed for, but was somehow always out of reach.

THE RING’s Man Plan is based upon years of love-coaching thousands of clients through the process of flirting, dating, and attracting love in ways that result in REAL relationships, blissful marriages, and happily-ever-after endings! And now you can get it in this live interactive program, where you can ask me questions and get my targeted support, and a community of women to support you, along the way to finding love. And what I know that you might not know yet, unless you’ve taking my programs before, My work is not just helpful and “transformational” It’s gonna be flipping FUN!

Stop winging it on your own and join ‘THE RING’!

What’s Inside The Ring?

  • Weekly Love Lessons Man Plan with detailed instructions  (or a flock of fun someone’s!) in fun, doable steps.
  • 3 Topic Driven Interactive Webinars each week!(See some of the AMAZING curriculum below!)
  • Optional ‘Hot Seat’ love-coaching on calls, and live Q & A with Lauren.
  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: Get Lauren’s entire library of podcast programs and selected live events at 20% OFF!
  • Encore Replays of each call for your listening pleasure.
  • Entrance into The Ring’s private online community for BONUS materials, the message board and extra helpful resource materials.
  • The Rings Private Message Board, where you can ask questions, share your Romantic Reports, get feedback from Lauren and her team, and CONNECT with your sisters in the field!
  • Get put into a virtual ManTrap Pack of fun wing women who are near you, and around the globe. Our community is brimming with AMAZING women, and it’s time to connect you! (Optional)
  • A Profile Review and templates for online dating, along with a personalized Man Plan,  eMaterials to create your very own personalized program, to move your love life forward.

Details About the Program:

  • Calls will be held on every Tuesday at 5pm PST,/ 8pm EST, and on the last Sunday of each month at noon, to allow our global community to join us live, too!
  • Calls can be accessed thru the webcast, and you can be seen, or block your video cam, whichever you prefer!
  • You’ll get eMaterials that are fun to read, and do!
  • if you can’t join us live, or in a time zone that’s not convenient, you’ll get REPLAYS of each call.
  • Each live call will have a dedicated Q & A.
  • You’ll get an invite into our online community upon registration
  • No matter WHAT your relationship phase or stage, this program will help you from early phase dating, committed dating, intimacy, and marriages!

*EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS: The first 25 registrants will receive a complimentary mini-consultation with Lauren!

Over the next ninety days,  here are just some of the hot topics I’ll cover in THE RING curriculum:

Setting your sights (on Cupid!)

  • Getting a serious Man Plan for 2020.
  • Set up your virtual dating Calendar!
  • How to create total ‘love magic’ alters, and “Romantic ‘Feng Shuei-ing’ your home.
  • Creating intention and SUPPORT for the upcoming year ahead.

Man Magnet Beauty Secrets

  • How to look gorgeous, even if you’re on a budget.
  • DIY at home beauty tips from my amazing GLAM SQUAD! They’ll be joining us on the webcast!
  • What to wear one dates 1, 2 and 3!
  • Facetime and lighting secrets that you’ll love, and that will make you feel more confident.
  • How to transform yourself into the women you always WANTED to be, on a budget.
  • What to bring during a sleepover.
  • How to become your total romantic FANTASY, and blow men’s minds.
  • Wardrobe transformations that will WORK.

Flirting in the field, & how to lure lovebirds!

  • The art of flirting in the field.
  • Mastering early phase dating
  • How to incite romance at a glance, and what to SAY when you’re flirting!
  • Subliminal body Language techniques
  • How to be IRRESISTIBLE!
  • How to tell if you’re flirting is working, or secretly turning men OFF.

Compatibility Co-ordinates

  • The Chemistry Test.
  • How to tell if he’s falling in love with you. The tell tale signs!
  • How to tell if he’s just stringing you along, or is just casually dating you without strong intention
  • Spotting red flags
  • Vetting men for compatibility.
  • How to tell if he’s about to break up with you, and what to do about it!

The Birds and the Bees

  • How to inspire his desire, and get him deeply bonded to you.
  • Unlocking his hidden desires, and deeply excite him.
  • How to inspire men to please YOU.
  • Secrets to controlling the pace of physical intimacy
  • How to have the ‘talk’ about intimate issues without turning the BOTH of you off!
  • How to be a CONFIDENT, classy, sex bomb in the bedroom.
  • How to KNOW if he’s really turned on.

Secret Man Intel

  • What you need to know about Men
  • The Neuroscience of Love
  • How to prevent him from straying
  • How to quickly tell if he’s a cheater, or has other deal breakers you won’t want to live with
  • How to tell if you’re a long term couple, or just short term fun.
  • How to get on the same relationship page with your suitor, or re-write the book.

Dating in Cyberspace (and being a Superstar Online!)

  • Man Magnet Profile Writing Secrets and Online photo tips
  • How to flirt online like a superstar
  • How to SCREEN OUT the creeps!
  • Transitioning from online to offline dating
  • How to safely find The One
  • Managing your Inbox and Dating Calendar

Going on a Man Hunt


  • How to leverage your network to find The One
  • How to approach set ups, group dating, and dating in the workplace
  • Creating a Man Trap Pack, and joining our community of sisters around the globe!
  • How to find love in your town, community, nationally and globally.
  • How to get flocked with suitors, online and offline
  • Protecting your Heart
  • How to STOP Picking Mr. Wrong
  • How to end bad dates
  • How to choose appropriate partners

What Short Circuits Love


  • How to Stop Turning Men OFF
  • What behaviors make them want to RUN
  • What makes them pull away
  • How to get things back on track
  • How to get them where you want them…on their knees!

The Secret Male Decoder


  • What they’re saying to you, and what it MEANS.
  • What turns men off in early phase dating.
  • How to understand what he NEEDS, and get what you WANT.
  • Why he isn’t stepping up, and if you can FIX it.
  • How to communicate with men in a language they can UNDERSTAND.
  • Love-scripts that work like a charm

Manhandling Maneuvers


  • How to inspire his trust and his protective devotion.
  • How to make men fall in love with you…seriously!
  • Bad Behavior and how to get things back on track!
  • How to get what you want without fighting
  • How to set boundaries with men and still get the CARE and consideration that you need.

Creating a Legendary Love

  • What is that special something you NEED to feel satisfied and to RISE in love?
  • Understanding how to inspire him to be the hero he always wanted to be, and see you as the Queen of His Heart.
  • How to create an Unshakable Golden Bond with men that leads to long term happiness
  • How to create fantasy, play, and become his total DREAM girl.

Unhexing Your Heart

  • Removing your ‘inner blocks’ to love
  • How to move forward again, no matter how hurt you’ve been
  • How to get him BACK if you’re still in love with him, and he’s still single.
  • Uncovering and transforming negative core beliefs that aren’t serving you.
  • How to recover your enthusiasm, and find a love that can heal your heart.

Register Now!

 1 payment of $450.00

Register Now!

 4 payments of $125.00
*Special Bonus* The first 25 registrants, will receive a complimentary mini-consultation with Lauren!




You Need This Program If…

  • You want to find love, but aren’t confident you’ll find it. Especially now!
  • You have no problem flirting online or offline, but don’t like what you’re reeling in.
  • You’ve dated a lot, but just cant find the right ‘fit’.
  • You’re not getting results from free calls and mega tele-summits, and need more one-on-one coaching.
  • You hate online dating, and aren’t great at flirting offline either.
  • You’d love to do private love coaching with me, but it’s not in your budget.
  • You don’t know why men aren’t asking you out, or disappearing after a date or two.
  • You manage to get in long term relationships, but men don’t really step up and fully partner you.
  • You’re  ready to get engaged or married this year!

Initially, I was scared to get into [a new] relationship and did my best to sabotage it but at the advice of Lauren I gave it a chance and he has been the best gift God has ever given me. He is everything I have ever wanted and needed in a man and I am so thankful to have him in my life. The beautiful ring on my finger is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness. Lauren was right… if I remained patient and didn’t settle, the right guy was out there.

Read More

– Lisa Jenkins

THE RING is facilitated by Lauren Frances


Lauren Frances is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, bestselling author, media personality, and “the leading expert in the field of online dating for single women.”  She’s been called “The Manwhisperer” by Extra, “The Flirt Fairy” by Victoria’s Secret, and is the author of Dating, Mating & Manhandling the international bestseller and guidebook for women on a mission to get in control of their love lives. She’s been featured on The Doctors,  The Real Housewives,  BRAVO, NBC, Oxygen, Own, VH1, FOX, and in publications like Glamour, Elle, Self Magazine, Women’s Health Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Huffpo, Flaunt Magazine,, and more.

A leading expert in the field of online dating, her transformational Man Magnet Makeovers and her Cyberflirt Digital Programs have inspired women around the globe create magnificent and loving relationships, and epic love lives!

Join her Manhandling Newsletter, to get weekly tips and advice,  and enjoy!


Get in The Ring!

Register Now!

 1 payment of $450.00

Register Now!

 4 payments of $125.00

I’m serious about saving your love life. You can’t afford NOT to join!
I’ll see you in The Ring!

All Love,

Lauren Frances

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