Dating Lovebirds 101 Podcast Program

Learn how to get men to really step up… or step off!

with Lauren Frances

SNEAK PEEK: To support you in your next exciting Manhandling adventure, I’m launching a brand new love-life saving course….

Okay, you asked for it, and I listened. DATING LOVEBIRDS 101 is finally here, and it’s going to knock your stockings off. This class is for the active dater who’s flirting in the field or online, and is ready to get to the next level of love. DATING LOVEBIRDS 101 will show you how to move from casual courtship to committed relationships. You’ll learn about my breakthrough “man-manifesting” process, and learn healthy manhandling techniques (ie relationship skills) that successful men RESPOND to.

When women graduate from my courses, they often face a new problem…what to do with all of this newfound male attention?! Some of you have launched yourselves online, others of you have become such powerful Man Magnets that you’ve gotten “flocked” with a group of romantic hopefuls.

(Now that’s what I call a quality problem!)

You can jump into this course if you’re actively dating or even if you’re not, but really want to be! But you don’t want to keep dating forever, right? You want to FIND a lovebird. You might even be in a monogamous relationship but still feel a chilly draft on your left hand …(An engagement ring!) That’s why you need to know the Romantic Rules and Manhandling Techniques that will allow you to turn your busy dance card into a wedding invitation.

DATING LOVEBIRDS 101 will show you how to go from flirting to seriously dating, and how to do partnership potential tests so you’ll stop wasting your time on what I call the 70% suitors. (You know, the guys who ultimately waste your time because they’re not really the right guy?)

It’ll teach you how to navigate early-phase dating, and give you the secrets that turn casual early-stage courtships into commitments, just like my client Linda just did! Here’s the amazing romantic report she sent me…