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Cyberflirt Online Dating Toolkit

How to create a heart-stopping online profile that WORKS.

by Lauren Frances

Are you tired of effortlessly attracting all the wrong fellas online, and can’t seem to get the attention of men who actually seem like your type? Or do your cyber-suitors’ winks and email volleys start out red hot at first, and then quickly fizzle out? Are you ready to give up on online dating because your first dates are disappointing and not what you expected? Do you think that there are just losers and players online?

Darling Gals,

Here’s a statistic that might change your mind:

FLIRT FACT: One out of every 6 couples is now meeting online!

SAD GAL FACT: Most single women LOATHE online dating! They either get swamped with unwanted male attention, or feel totally overlooked and ignored.

So what’s a gal to do? (If you’re smart, you’ll get into gear and quickly learn the secrets to profile-writing!)

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4 Fabulous Podcasts

In 4 Fabulous CYBERFLIRT Podcasts You’ll Learn:

  • Effective profile-writing templates so you can fill in the blanks and create your own Love Spell online, along with examples of some winning profiles that have inspired real love relationships!
  • How to attract the immediate attention of your dream man. I’ll show you how to shine brightly in a medium that can feel about as cold as a refrigerator! Instead of watching men disappear into cyber oblivion, or becoming a victim of the typical online “chill” factor, you’ll discover my secrets to making the experience feel authentic, and like there’s a real person on the other end of the line.
  • How to uncover the hidden preferences males use in their online searches that most women never know about to become a total standout from everyone else online.
  • How to avoid common and disastrous e-mistakes that most women make online. The little mistakes that TOTALLY undermine a perfectly great profile, and unknowingly turn off great guys.
  • How to write a profile that not only accurately represents the REAL and authentic you, but puts you in the best possible light.
  • And this is of the utmost importance: you’ll learn how to write a profile that screens the WRONG men out. And pull the right guys in.

You know, the guy who just grabbed a coffee and is munching on a bagel, reading the paper, watching the game, AND simultaneously scrolling through online profiles on Sunday mornings with his overgrown mutt snoring loudly at his feet. That guy!

Podcast Now Available

If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 323.651.2421, and we will be happy to assist you.

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1 payment of $247

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Just to let you know, you are all that. Oh how you are sent from above! I set up my Match account today and the world exploded. I have an avalanche of responses from Match. You are truly the Michelangelo of love! I need a secretary for my inbox! Thanks for the online input… My profile has caused the perfect storm.

– Emma S

Hi Lauren, I bought your Cyberflirt-Reboot and Cyberflirt-Manhunt podcasts and it was probably the best investment I ever made in my life.

I just wanted to thank you for this audios, because I am sure without those I never would have been able to write my profile for a dating website, which was quite successful even if I didn’t have the right photos for it. I am 67 years young and lost my long term partner 8 months ago and felt ready to take my life again in my own hands. One thing I learned in my life is “always listen to your intuition (or gut feelings or whatever it is called)” and so I follow my inner urge to go online on a certain dating website exactly 3 weeks ago. But I didn’t follow your advice just to watch first what happens. Did quite an extensive search and found in this sea of photos just one which appealed to me and his profile sounded just like a job application.

As it turned out he was interested too and we share the same values, are on the same wave length and practice even the same kind of meditation (TM). And now it looks like we are starting a very fulfilling and happy relationship for both. I am off the dating website now for more than a week. I just want to thank you once more, because without your audios I would never have been brave enough to join a dating website and would not have been able to write a profile which made me appealing to this person.

– Thank you and kind regards from Down Under!

Since last June when I had the brilliant idea to contact you for the Man Magnet in New York, my love life has changed entirely. My profile and my Photos have been seen 6,588 times and I received so many emails and winks. I am dating sine July 2011 an average of 2 to 3 times a week and became very good ( all because of your savvy coaching) at flirting, screening and selecting my dates. It make me feel empowered and in control of my love life (very good for my ego tooo…lol.)

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– Brigitte

Initially, I was scared to get into [a new] relationship and did my best to sabotage it but at the advice of Lauren I gave it a chance and he has been the best gift God has ever given me. He is everything I have ever wanted and needed in a man and I am so thankful to have him in my life. The beautiful ring on my finger is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness. Lauren was right… if I remained patient and didn’t settle, the right guy was out there.

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– Lisa Jenkins

Want to discover the real secret to online dating?

Download Cyberflirt Online Dating Toolkit Today!

Dating and social networking sites have given women instant access to millions of men around the globe. But there’s a catch. To make the experience a success, women need professional man-friendly photos and excellent online marketing skills.

Attracting high-quality men online starts by winning men over right away with your written profile. Unfortunately, most women don’t know the secrets to writing an inspiring profile, and make HUGE MISTAKES that unknowingly turn great guys off, and attract the wrong kind of online attention. They don’t understand what to say to men to trigger positive responses, or how to correctly anticipate and address men’s secret questions, anxieties, and concerns.

This course will teach you how to create that special IT factor that every natural-born man magnet exudes, even when it’s once removed by being online.

You’ll be amazed at how your life changes with a profile that’s written the CORRECT way. Heartstrings open. Your romantic recognition and emotional credibility will instantly go up.

Attractive men who are truly looking for love actually seek out these hidden cues in profiles–cues that inspire them to take action and enable them to find YOU.

To be a success online and find true love, you just need to know how to make your words jump off the page and right into a man’s heart. Or what I prefer to call “Cyberflirting Charisma.” The key is understanding a very simple formula that creates successful “targeted romantic marketing.”

It’s not only the pictures that create attraction, it’s also the romantic story you’re telling, and what you are wishing to create, and this is often the ONE BIG THING that separates the women who find true love online from the women who don’t, and instead, keep getting overlooked, ignored, and spammed with unwanted male attention. That’s why women really do need to possess excellent online marketing skills to find The One.

My CYBERFLIRT ONLINE DATING course will show you why my clients totally fall in love with online dating. Even women who had previously tried it and hated it with a passion, like Nannete. She took my Cyberflirt seminar and here’s her romantic report…

She took me from a disheveled moppet to a sultry beauty, from a woman sitting alone with her cats to dating fabulous men. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
(And ManTrap perfume? To die for.)

Gail P.

I was just blown away at Lauren’s talent: her ability to listen and understand with compassion and just see what is blocking women.  Once she gives you advice, it comes from a space of wisdom, tremendous compassion and deep love. That is such a gift that Lauren has to offer to women. Tremendous transformation happens because they are being allowed to open up, connect to their heart and share what is blocking them for being who they truly are: beautiful, amazing goddesses that deserved to be loved, adored and cherished.

Yana Good

Working with Lauren is like hanging out with a friend… but this friend has all the right answers about dating, men and relationships.

I am now ‘flocked’ by handsome, genuine, interesting men and dating more than I had ever imagined. It’s remarkable what a personal transformation Lauren and her team of professionals facilitate through their thoughtful work and personal attention

Lauren gives a girl the skills and confidence to attract men as well as the tools to distinguish which ones are keepers and which ones to let fly away.

The woman is MANtastic!


Two years ago, Lauren came into my life at the most perfect time. I was casually dating the wrong men who were “in the meantime” guys. … I did the emotional clearing work she suggested and followed Lauren’s Man Plan. Then BANG! I met him. David and I had our first date the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Six months later, we were engaged and were married nine months after that. Today we have a beautiful little girl named Grace. I’m so grateful I took her advice. I shiver at the thought of ‘What if I hadn’t?’ Well, there would be no David and definitely…. no Grace in my life!

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Naz Kleiman

Wow, no, I mean wow. No, I mean wow, wow, WOW. Like seriously, and I mean it. I love you Lauren.

Natasha G.

And if it can work for Nannette, it can totally work for you, too!

Looking for love online allows you to shop for men the same way you’d try to locate Prada at a rummage sale–with focus and intensity. Although many couples do meet this way, women frequently complain that dot-com men are slightly irregular, or so unappealing that no one else wants them either! Quite often the merchandise is also totally mislabeled. Men will insist it’s an XL when it’s actually quite small! Or a girl can waste several weeks flirting with an old Coot passing himself off as a jaunty Bluejay, until she finally meets the fiendish fibber in person.

(Unless you learn the SECRETS TO CYBERFLIRTING)!

Once you get them under your garter belt, your whole online experience will transform.

So please don’t give up on online dating yet. You know why? Because statistics show that one 1 out of every 6 marriages is now happening through an introduction that occurred online! It can totally happen for you, too. The right profile can create a synergy for you, and lure a flock of available suitors that can ABSOLUTELY result in an amazing relationship.

Online dating as a CYBERFLIRT totally beats flipping through Cat Fancy Magazine, I can promise you that!

If you’re thinking… “Yeah, but I’m just one of thousands, I’m over 40, I’m not well known or famous. I can’t compete with the rest!” There’s no doubt that being conventionally pretty helps, but there’s a lot more to it. The right profile can catapult an “unknown” into the cyber world, setting her up for life-long romantic success!

There’s tons of competition out there. It’s a fact.

And it’s also true that attractive men have tons of “winks” blinking at them in their in-boxes. So who breaks through, stands out, and captures alpha-male attention? Who do they choose as “date worthy?”

  • Women who know what they’re looking for and who aren’t afraid to let them know.
  • Women who know the real “secrets” to online dating, and are authentic, confident, and feminine.
  • Women whose emails and profiles grab them by the collar or create a feeling of emotional connection from the first read, moving and inspiring them to email you back or contact you immediately!

Armed with my coaching, the Man Plan template, pertinent sections from my book Dating, Mating, and Manhandling, and other downloadable examples from sections of winning profiles, you’ll be able to complete a winning heart-stopping profile on your own, quickly—without purchasing another thing!

Course Now Available

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1 payment of $247

Register Now!

3 payments of $85

If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 323.651.2421, and we will be happy to assist you.
To discuss the program: If you have any questions, please call my lovely staff at 323-651-2421.

All Love,

Lauren Frances

On the Fence?

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give me a call at (323) 651-2421

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Her online courses are pure gold.

– The Sunday Independent

The Man Magnet weekend opened me up totally. It gave me an ease with myself and an ease with my body. Afterwards, I began wearing form-fitted clothing. It certainly was not the clothing, but the confidence and “owning it” that had me attract and hold onto Dale. He was the “hot stuff, bad boy” from high school (30 years ago). … My family can’t believe that their Manhattan Gal is being transformed into a Country Girl. It is amazing what love does to you.

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– Laurie Grigg

The Man Magnet Makeover Weekend was a transformational experience – in so many ways 

I came away with a renewed sense of confidence, excited and energized about reentering the dating world. Lauren’s expert makeover team did an amazing job in visually capturing the essence of each participant. And, with Lauren’s incredible guidance, we learned how to express those same essential qualities in words, through our online profiles and user names. If you’re looking for love, I can’t think of a better holiday gift to give yourself!

– Karen R

Such a fun class! I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the great Man Magnet Makeover Weekend. It was enjoyable, jam packed with information and, for me, an eye (and glamour) opener. I already feel an internal breakthrough. I’m looking forward to manifesting that breakthrough (and more) in my Love Life. I look forward to more!

– Jen F.

I had not been in a serious relationship in almost a decade. I was almost ready to put on a nun’s habit. Lauren changed all that! Shortly after working with Lauren I met my wonderful boyfriend who has opened my heart and made me realize I can’t live without LOVE!

– K.D.

My Dear Lauren, thank you for turning me from living like a nun into the belle of the ball!  You did a wonderful job helping me create and write my online profile. Now, I have a tiger by a tail! And I adore him. It was only possible because of you.

– Trudy M.

Ladies! Lauren truly is the Man Whisperer!

– Madeleine Smithberg

After your private coaching and Man Magnet Seminars, my phone’s been ringing off the hook!

Before I found you I’d actually given up on dating men altogether. Watching all of my girlfriends get married and have families was painful because I felt so hopeless about my own love life. Working with you has been a Godsend! After your private coaching and Man Magnet Seminars, my phone’s been ringing off the hook! I’ve become the sexy, confident woman that I always dreamed I could be. You’ve changed my love life.

– Brooke M

If there were a Nobel Peace Prize in the war between the sexes, Lauren Frances would win it hands down. Buy this book and you’ll NEVER be lonely again.

– Anne Beats

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