Cyberflirt! Manhunt Podcast Program

Stop being single! It’s time to find lovebirds online…

by Lauren Frances

Darling Gals

Do you ever feel that when it comes to meeting a great guy online, you’re at a total disadvantage?

You might feel like you’re shooting in the dark because there’s so much competition from thousands of other women who may be younger or prettier, and are all going for the same few, attractive “normal” guys. Or feel like you’re too hot to be online in the first place, and are getting swamped by too much icky male attention and don’t know how to protect yourself from “Man Spam”? I get it. Without some real online flirt strategies, it can feel totally overwhelming to most women, not fun, and even hopeless.

Online dating is like a massive “man catalog in the sky” and is a very credible way to find true love…no matter how overwhelming, (or underwhelming!) it might seem at first. Flirt Fact: 1 out of 6 married couples meet online! That’s why every single woman who’s ready for love should learn the secrets to becoming a cyberflirt success. So what’s been holding you back from dating online and finding your husband/lover/or plaything?

Are the men you’re interested in repeatedly flaking out on you?

You’re not meeting any QUALITY men through your online profile?

You’re tired of guys not showing up “as advertised” and wasting time on men who turn out to be losers, jerks or geezers?

Do first dates feel like job interviews (for a job you wouldn’t want anyway)?

If any of these ring true, you need to get up to date CyberFlirt Technology, TODAY! You CAN meet your dream man online. But without having the real secrets to being in control of the experience, you could potentionally wind up more overwhelmed and disappointed that you were before you started! This class will give you the process to creating love online, and the CONFIDENCE to make it happen. And this confidence naturally happens when:

Natural Confidence

  • You have a profile that not only STANDS OUT among hundreds, but actually does the job of attracting the RIGHT man and disqualifying the CREEPS.
  • You know how to attract the immediate attention of your dream man with special cyber-flirtatious words and techniques.
  • You understand the secret hidden preferences men use in their online searches that most women never know about to GAIN AN ADVANTAGE over other women online.
  • You avoid the very common mistakes most women make online that TURN MEN OFF, no matter how cute you are in your profile photo or how clever your emails have been!
  • You quickly screen the wrong men out, and lure the right men IN.

CYBERFLIRT MANHUNT is a brand new 6-part downloadable podcast series that will teach you how to QUICKLY find your husband (or a fabulous flock of suitors!) online. It’ll give you the keys to finding love in this powerful medium—information that most single women don’t know about. And it’s such a shame because there are literally MILLIONS of desirable men right at your fingertips. And that’s where Cyberflirting Manhunt comes in…

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Just to let you know, you are all that. Oh how you are sent from above! I set up my Match account today and the world exploded. I have an avalanche of responses from Match. You are truly the Michelangelo of love! I need a secretary for my inbox! Thanks for the online input… My profile has caused the perfect storm.

– Emma S, Man Magnet NYC 2009

Looking for love online allows you to shop for men the same way you’d try to locate Prada on eBay—with focus and intensity! Although many couples do meet this way, women frequently complain that dot-com men are slightly irregular, or so unappealing that no one else wants them either! Quite often the merchandise is also totally mislabeled. (Men will insist it’s an XL when it’s actually quite small!) When you don’t know the secrets to spotting red flags, or how to read between the lines of a man’s profile, you can waste several weeks flirting with Mr. Wrong, who seemed so right!

That’s why every woman who’s really serious about finding The One should learn the SECRETS TO CYBERFLIRTING and go on a Manhunt.

Once you get the secrets to successful online dating under your garter belt, your whole experience will transform. So please don’t give up on online dating yet. Do you what to know why? The right approach to dating in cyberspace will absolutely create a surge of romantic activity for you, and is the quickest way to lure a flock of desirable and available suitors your way. And my tools to dating in cyberspace will show you how to take a romantic opportunity and turn it into an amazing relationship.

You’ll be amazed at how your life changes when you know how to approach online dating the CORRECT way. Heartstrings open. Your romantic recognition and emotional credibility go way up. Attractive men who are truly looking for love actually seek out hidden signals and cues—cues that inspire them to take action and enable them to find YOU.

Attracting high-quality men online starts by winning men over right away with your profile, and anticipating and addressing their secret questions, anxieties, and concerns. You will learn how to create cyberflirting charisma and how to flirt with men in a confident way that creates that special IT factor that every natural-born man magnet exudes, even when she’s in “cyberspace”.

As one of her Romantic Researchers, I can tell you that Lauren’s Manhandling techniques are spot on! She truly has her finger on the pulse of male/female relationships.

– Kate Walsh

I’ve followed every piece of advice Lauren’s given me. I suggest you do the same!

– Amy Brenneman

Men, Lauren Frances has figured us out…and our gooses are cooked!

– Matt Groening

I can’t wait to have you learn her man-magnet techniques.

– Christian Carter

“Even if the masters of creation give themselves some leeway, birds and men have many more similarities—states the Liebesexpertin, who coaches many Hollywood stars (actress Kate Walsh, rocker Tommy Lee) in modern mating behavior. We love this book and you will too…

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– Stern Magazine

If The Rules gives the kind of advice that you mo’ doles out, Frances offers what you sagest girlfriends would tell you–after a few mojitos.

– Flaunt

LONG AGO, WHEN ROMANCE seekers hunted in the field (aka bars) rather than cyberspace, Lauren Frances organized Man Trap Packs—posses of single women who hit the town to find love…

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– Los Angeles Magazine

She’s saving romance, one page at a time!

– Mark Ruffalo

She’s the Flirt Fairy!

– Victoria’s Secret

She’s a best friend like Carrie, possesses the street smarts of Samantha when exposing uncomfortable truths, is a total professional like Miranda, and is almost as romantic as Charlotte! She embodies the soul of all four characters and puts the Sex back in the City!

– German Elle

She’s the Manwhisperer!

– Your LA

She’s the Doctor of Love, grilling Hollywood one hunk at a time.

– Extra TV

With her dark hair swept up halfway and black wrap dress showcasing her curves, she’s both elegant and ageless. And wonderfully easy to talk to. After she swiftly brought me a glass of water and curled up in an oversize chair, I switched on my tape reorder, and we began an excited discussion of relationship philosophy.

– Glo.msn

In the book “Dating, Mating, and Manhandling. The Ornithological Guide to Men”, Lauren Frances tells us what the men and birds have in common…

– Jolie Magazine

You know anyone who added “Ph Double D” to the end of her name will deliver a fun dating guidebook…

– OK Magazine

Since publishing her book in America two years ago, “Dating, Mating, and Manhandling. The Ornithological Guide to Men,” she is a star among experts in paving the way for romantic relationships.

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– Emotion Magazine, Germany

Two horns way up!

– Tommy Lee

6-part Program

In this fabulous 6-part CYBERFLIRT MANHUNT Podcast Program, you’ll learn:

How to use your profiles and pictures in EVERY kind of online medium, like Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • How to turn your rolodex into your best online romantic asset.
  • How to correctly leverage the online dating site you’re posted on to maximize your romantic results.
  • How to tell if your profile is working or not, and how to test market your online materials.
  • How to flirt with men in a sexy and confident way.
  • Someone amazing contacted you, but don’t know how to respond to his email.
  • You don’t like your online profile, or picture. How to fix this.
  • You aren’t getting any hits. Why?
  • You don’t have great writing skills, and need to know how to make your profile pop anyway!
  • You don’t want people to know you’re dating online. What should you do?
  • You are super busy and don’t have a lot of time for dating. How to schedule love back into your life.
  • How to know when it’s time to switch sites, and where you should absolutely go next on a cyberflirting manhunt. How to keep the momentum going after the first crush of responses.
  • What to do if you didn’t get the responses you had hoped for?
  • How to attract the immediate attention of your dream man. I’ll show you how to shine brightly in a medium that can feel about as cold as a refrigerator! Instead of watching men disappear into cyber oblivion, or becoming a victim of the typical online “chil”’ factor, you’ll discover my secrets to making the experience feel authentic, as if there’s a real person on the other end of the line.
  • How to uncover the hidden preferences males use in their online searches that most women never know about to become a total standout from everyone else online.
  • How to avoid common and disastrous e-mistakes that most women make online. The little mistakes that TOTALLY undermine a perfectly great profile, and unknowingly turn off great guys.
  • How to turn an online flirtation into an actual phone date and transition those calls into a real date.
  • How to vet men on the phone BEFORE you meet them for tea.
  • How to use a man’s profile to your own advantage when you prep for dates or “pre-screening” sessions over the phone.
  • What to do if you meet him and he’s NOT what he looked like in his pictures, or has a totally different story in person.
  • What online dating etiquette is and how it differs from “set-ups” from friends, and transitioning them from connecting with men in “virtual space” to in-person dates.
  • Who calls who and when!
  • How to spot a player online and in person!
  • How to check out his online story when you meet him offline.
  • Safety rules that every Cyberflirter should know.
  • How to go on a strategic CYBERFLIRTING MANHUNT that works.
  • When to stop dating other men online because you’ve met someone…
  • When you see that he’s still active online, and you thought it was serious!
  • When he wants you to stop dating others because he thought you were!
  • How to tell when you’ve really found your lovebird!

And so much more…

Here’s the kind of support you’ll get:

  • 6 podcasts chock full of online Cyberflirt Secrets to finding your lovebird.
  • Log-in access to the Cyberflirt! Manhunt private forum. There will also be a Romantic Regifting section, so your sister Cyberflirts can keep their eyes on the lookout for you!
  • Tools to create and ACTIVATE your Cyberflirt! Manhunt Action Plan.

If you’re thinking… “Yeah, but I’m just one of thousands, I’m over 40, I’m not well known or famous. I can’t compete with the rest!” There’s no doubt that being conventionally pretty helps, but there’s a lot more to it. The right profile can catapult an “unknown” into the cyber world, setting her up for lifelong romantic success! There’s tons of competition out there. It’s a fact. And it’s also true that attractive men have tons of “winks” blinking at them in their in-boxes. So who breaks through, stands out, and captures alpha-male attention? Who do they choose as “date worthy?”

Real “Secrets”

  • Women who know what they’re looking for and who aren’t afraid to let them know.
  • Women who know the real “secrets” to online dating, and are authentic, confident, and feminine.
  • Women whose emails and profiles grab them by the collar or create a feeling of emotional connection from the first read, which moves and inspires them to email you back or contact you immediately!


Course Now Available

Register Now!

 1 payment of $247

Register Now!

 3 payments of $85

If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 323.651.2421, and we will be happy to assist you.

You Need This Information.

Action creates results. You spend a fortune taking care of your physical appearance. You spend the time and money to take care of your home, car, kids, pets, and your plants! Invest in your romantic future and emotional well being. Just think, you can receive all of the tools you need to find your future husband for less money than it takes to get a professional haircut and highlights, or three massages.

Be your own best friend and give yourself permission to go for it. You can stop spinning your wheels and make your romantic dreams a reality. You can stop HOPING and start HAVING. Remember: Even Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White did a lot of footwork to find their fellas! They picked up after seven dwarves, swept the castle, washed and waxed the floorboards, and spun yards and yards of silk! They were exhausted. Going on a Manhunt is much more fun!

Here’s to honoring the romantic dream inside of you… Here’s to making your romantic dreams actualize and materialize. I wouldn’t be surprised if the right man for you is living or working within a 10-mile radius of you RIGHT NOW. Maybe he’s even wondering when he’s going to meet a great woman like YOU this very second. Maybe you already know him, but you haven’t connected yet. Find him. Make it happen.

He will be happy you did.


Register Now!

 1 payment of $247

Register Now!

 3 payments of $85

If you prefer to register by phone, please call us at 323.651.2421, and we will be happy to assist you.

All Love,

Lauren Frances


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Her online courses are pure gold.  Having completed one, my sense of self and self confidence has shot up. Last year, I heard Lauren Frances talk in a online seminar and she blew my mind with her clarity of vision and grounded, seriously helpful advice. And Lauren Frances, I am glad to report, is the real deal. She is passionate about what she does, she loves her clients and she truly wants them to find happiness.

– The Irish Independent

Check out what the men are saying about my new profile: (profile went live the evening of 2/4/2010) I’ve gotten over 550 views in 4 days alone. I NEVER got feedback from men like the emails I’ve sent to you below, the last time I was online. Thank you Love Goddess!

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– Nannete

The Man Magnet weekend opened me up totally. It gave me an ease with myself and an ease with my body. Afterwards, I began wearing form-fitted clothing. It certainly was not the clothing, but the confidence and “owning it” that had me attract and hold onto Dale. He was the “hot stuff, bad boy” from high school (30 years ago). … My family can’t believe that their Manhattan Gal is being transformed into a Country Girl. It is amazing what love does to you.

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– Laurie Grigg

The Man Magnet Makeover Weekend was a transformational experience – in so many ways 

I came away with a renewed sense of confidence, excited and energized about reentering the dating world. Lauren’s expert makeover team did an amazing job in visually capturing the essence of each participant. And, with Lauren’s incredible guidance, we learned how to express those same essential qualities in words, through our online profiles and user names. If you’re looking for love, I can’t think of a better holiday gift to give yourself!

– Karen R

Such a fun class! I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the great Man Magnet Makeover Weekend. It was enjoyable, jam packed with information and, for me, an eye (and glamour) opener. I already feel an internal breakthrough. I’m looking forward to manifesting that breakthrough (and more) in my Love Life. I look forward to more!

– Jen F.

I want to thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart, for this weekend. I am usually an extremely private person. The whole experience was like being completely cracked open. It is a true testimony of your depth as a person and the trust that you are capable of establishing within a group of women, that I would actually, unknowingly feel safe enough to just spontaneously become so vulnerable.

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– Jennifer B.

I had not been in a serious relationship in almost a decade. I was almost ready to put on a nun’s habit. Lauren changed all that! Shortly after working with Lauren I met my wonderful boyfriend who has opened my heart and made me realize I can’t live without LOVE!

– K.D.

Ladies! Lauren truly is the Man Whisperer!

– Madeleine Smithberg

I had been involved in an on/off relationship for 3 years with a man who couldn’t make a commitment of marriage – or even come close to it! Now, thanks to Lauren’s great advice and guidance I’m dating 6 (yes – six!) new men after the final breakup with my commitment-phobic male. (If only he knew…) and I am sticking to the Romantic Researchers Oath: To fly at the apex of a flock of suitors, until one of them tells me that he’s The One, and I truly know it in my heart, too! Thanks so much Lauren. Many blessings to you!

– Brenda D.