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I have a delicious secret. And I am so excited to share it with you! 

I love indulge myself with a “For Your Eyes Only” private boudoir photo shoot every couple of years to let my inner ‘femme fatale’ run free!  Boudoir photos remind me that I am indeed, the heroine of my own love life, and they’re a truly decadent and delicious “beauty break” for me!

And the entire experience – along with the gorgeous pix –  not only makes me insanely happy, it makes any lucky recipient fall right out of his chair, and jump on a plane, train, or in his automobile, and rush right home to see me!  

I truly love expressing (and reconnecting) with my empowered feminine self, and helping my clients become magnetic too! I love witnessing your transformative changes and the utter GLEE that ensuesonce you get an outlet for it!  

So I thought it was high time to share this amazing experience with my beloved ‘inner circle’ and organize a Boudoir Magnet for you!


Become a bombshell in your boudoir – and beyond …
Come and join us! 

During our 3 day LIVE event, you’ll define your sensual ‘brand’ and have the opportunity to dress up, glam up, and live it up, while expressing your unique femininity (and redefining your sensuality!)

NOTEThese photo’s are NOT for online dating! But they are definitely perfect when you’re dating, mating and manhandling!  

The Fairy Godmother Effect!

One of my ‘superpowers’ is guiding women into becoming who they truly WISH to be, and always dreamt of being. If you’ve done a Magnet with me, you know that EVERY woman becomes a Goddess! Everyone shines. And you’ll have the photo’s to prove it.

Women TRANSFORM during my events, and get a new lease on their love lives. They also get empowered to create changes in every aspect of their lives. Women get sudden and unexpected promotions and raises, drop excess baggage (like wrong partners, and excess weight), not to mention becoming noticeably more magnetic to the men they most desire. And happily, they are more able to achieve the romantic results they really want. Rings! Babies! Husbands! Lovers! Oh my!

You’ll not only look gorgeous, but you’ll feel super comfy with my favorite dream team and crew. Our beloved Man Magnet Photographer, Kate Szatmari, will be taking the pix and my glam squad will be there for you too!

Are you ready for the next level?  You’ll learn my secrets to being the SIREN that you always knew you COULD be, or always wanted to be, and I’ll show you how to become a more confident bombshell in your own boudoir! Are you ready to go to the next level in love? Want to know my secrets about igniting a seductive bonfire?

Good! Because life is going to be much more fun once you get that intel… (and put it right under your new lacy garter belt). To ensure that these photos exceed your wildest expectations, and are the ultimate tantalizing flirts, love notes, and mementos for you (and your suitors, husbands or playthings) I have an amazing program planned for you!

The Boudoir Magnet will bring out your inner inner vixen, and light up your fun and sensual self! And you’ll learn the very best ways to celebrate your femininity, rock your body, and showcase it to your best Romantic Advantage!

Feathers, jewels and all! Here’s a little preview …

Come Play!

This glam BRAND SPANKING NEW retreat is going to be an epic romantic adventure…

Over the course of 3 delicious days, this unique retreat is designed to break through your barriers to celebrating your inner femme fatale, and letting her shine! You’ll get PERMISSION to be your most empowered romantic self and the “confidence coaching” that makes you boudoir and beyond. Here are just some of the fun activities we have planned for you this summer!

You’ll get …


A Boudoir Wardrobe & Accessories:
We’re going to be creating amazing fantasy photo’s, and we’ll be going on a sensual shopping tour for lingerie, costumes, jewelry and sexy accessory shopping!

STUNNING Boudoir Photos!
Besides being a fabulous gift to give to yourself, these photo’s are the ultimate “come hither flirts” and “thank you’s” to gift to your partners! Over the course of our 1 day photo shoot, we’ll be doing different looks, moods, and styles, so that you can have them in your back pocket, whenever you want to blow his mind.

A Private 45 Minute Preparatory Phone Session with Lauren:
This 1:1 call with Lauren will allow you both time to virtually shop your closet and your lingerie drawer, determine your personal goals for the weekend, and what you’d most like to achieve during our 3 day retreat.

Photo Retouching:
Every boudoir shoot always gets a whole lotta love, to ensure that you get exactly what you want. The program includes retouched photo’s, along with a digital portfolio of your entire shoot! You’ll be able to give us your notes after you reviewing them, to make sure that you absolutely LOVE them!

My All Star “All Girl” Glam Squad:
We’ve got our beloved photographer, Kate Szatmari flying in for this one, along with my dream team of Makeup Artists and Hairstylists in the house! You’ll feel super-comfy, and we’ll make you look just GORGEOUS.

Going On A Boudoir Shopping Safari:
We’ll be going on a “bombshell shopping safari” together at amazing boutiques, lingerie stores, and Hollywood’s finest costume house! We’ll also have a fabulous array of fun and sexy accessories and jewels to adorn yourself with – and other fun treats and tricks up my sleeve, so you won’t have to purchase everything, and can just borrow them for the day, (and just like you see in every high fashion magazine spread!)

The Art Of The Striptease:
Every women should enjoy the feeling of being CONFIDENT with her lover in the bedroom. You’ll learn how to do a fun and riveting striptease for your partner, and for yourself! We’ll be getting an epic Burlesque Lesson from LA’s leading choreographer, and moves to surprise your lover with, and won’t ever forget when he least expects it!

Lauren’s Love Lessons in the ‘The Art of Seduction’ and “I wish I knew that” questions and answers that you always really wanted, but were afraid to ask about hot topics.

Get Down & Boogie:
We’ll be hitting town and going to a super fun discotheque that yes, plays disco in Hollywood that is seriously fun and oft jam-packed with celebs and handsome grown ups!

An Epic 3 Day Slumber Party!
Our 3 day event is being held in a private mansion in Beverly Hills, and we’ll have single and double occupancy rooms available for an up-charge. It is gonna be a ball, and you are going to want to run off into the sunset with EACH OTHER!

Special Bonus! “The Art of Going Undercover Tele-classes” following the weekend will give you Tantra Secrets, Intimacy Tips, Romantic role Playing, Make-Out Magic and more! You’ll love it!

We’ll be:

  • Lingerie shopping! Creating a signature boudoir wardrobe with jewelry and accessories that flatter your bod, and make you feel and look fabulous.
  • “It’s gonna happen tonight” cocktail dresses… and everything underneath them for the boudoir!
  • Yummy beauty treatments!
  • Amazing fantasy photo’s that you’ll treasure forever.
  • Flouncing, disco and dinner!
  • Lauren’s Love Lessons in the ‘The Art of Seduction’ and “I wish I knew that”questions and answers that you always really wanted, but were afraid to ask about hot topics.
  • Learning the Art of Burlesque from one of the premiere Burlesque dancers and teachers of all time, in a jewel box of a club, and in COSTUME. It’s going to be AMAZING.
  • Staying at the Boudoir Magnet Mansion for frolicking and seriously unforgettable, festive fun!

Join The Boudoir Magnet!

Total Course Investment: $4,950

Early Enrollment Discount:  $500 OFF before May 30th  

(Full Payment or Easy Payment Plans Available!)
Space is limited.



Any Questions? I thought so!

“How is this different from the Man Magnet Makeover?” 

The Boudoir Magnet is a romping empowerment of your “sensual persona” and will call forth a different aspect of your femininity.
Boudoir photos are not only more tantalizing than regular pix, they are actually very  practical to have on hand when you are courting or are in a committed relationship! 
Getting your yoga pants OFF and putting your stiletto’s ON, (and adorned in jewels, lingerie, lacy masks, gloves, costumes, furs, or a stunning and provocative dress and paired with black seamed stockings) is a flipping healing!  Not to mention, seriously good fun.
They are perfect to take just for YOU, (the most important person to impress in your life, after all).

And if you’ve ever had a man (one that you really liked!) ask you for more more photos, then you know how tricky that question can be. if you ever dare to share them with your partners, you are going to be amazed.

Here’s why! If you’re dating or married to a man that you adore – or a new partner that you wish to inspire! – these photo’s are not awful selfies, but really inspired images of you, that are guaranteed to make men drop to their knees, and thank you wholeheartedly, and cherish as memento’s! 

(Yup, trust me, they keep em all, so make sure you always LOVE what you’re sending to men beforehand! These pics will keep it classy.) 


“What kind of woman is a good fit for this program?”

Being in your high feminine aspect and learning the Art of Seduction is definitely our birthright as women, but one that can be hard to learn!  

Women often get shamed about being in their empowered revved-up feminine, and get too  comfortable being in their masculine energy. We just spend a ton of time being a badass at the office and get disconnected from being a babe in the BEDROOM.  

And other women simply get stuck in ‘mom mode’ and completely lose touch with their sensual inner ‘sprite’! And others just want to escape notice, and play down their  feminine WOW. 

Even I need to re-balance the working gal side of myself, and reset into my racy fun and hyper-feminine aspect. (And Romance is my thing!)

So if you are stuck in “soccer mom mode” or in “work mode”, then this is an amazing opportunity to get your femme fatale switched back ON. You’ll leave this weekend feeling excited and confident about your  “Under Cover Romantic Research” with your partner.  You shall leave feeling CONFIDENT and totally prepared. 

“Sounds fun, but what if I’m too “fill in the blank here” to do this?”

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Just taking photos in CLOTHING might’ve felt like a challenge! And that’s why the blessed ‘Powers that be’ made RETOUCHING.  

So if you, like most women walking this earth, are thinking “I’m not thin enough, I’m too old, too fat, too skinny, etc.” or otherwise terrorize yourself with your age or the size of your thighs, (ageist!) and think that you’ve lost your sensual superpowers, (or have yet to find them), then you’re in for a treat! 

Femme Fact: Anyone can be hot in their 20’s (see Lena Dunham?), but when you’re over 35, being a sensual and confident bombshell is a CHOICE! 

I know how to make you look fabulous, because I am indeed, a Fairy Godmother! And my little dream team knows exactly how to make you feel and look like a Princess, so that you have a total ball!  

If you think you’re too out of shape, or too old for this kind of fun, then you are in excellent company! 

This is one of the fascinating facts about Man Magnet Experiences, and our upcoming New Boudoir Magnets. You never need to change one thing about yourself, or lose an ounce, before joining us. You’ll get epic results EXACTLY THE WAY YOU ARE, right now! 

In my experience, most women (and every single model, rock star or actress in the world), are more than a little judgy about their body and their (real) age, and self-conscious about something. Even Elle McPherson confessed to David Letterman that “wished she had better nail beds.” Omg!  

Reminder: Glamour comes from the INSIDE, and having the confidence and the self-love to rock it on the OUTSIDE. It’s what makes men love us! And it’s also what makes US love us! 

This kind of sensual self esteem is also the secret X Factor to being confident in the boudoir, and the real reason why men think that some of the sexiest women in the world are well north of 60, and not just size 2’s, but voluptuous and curvaceous XL’s!

If you’re excited by the idea, but are nervous about being this wild, here’s a True Story: 

Photo by: Kate Szatmari (2016)

Everyone gets a little nervous/ excited when they do these shoots for the first time. (Even me!)  The first time I tried it, it wasn’t my idea… 

My friend Shayla asked me to be a subject in her upcoming one woman show about, “The New Sirens of Hollywood” and of course I was flattered and intrigued!  She is a gifted fine arts photographer, so of course I said yes, but before the shoot I got (predictably) a little nervous, (yep, even me!)  

“What was I thinking?? Was I in good enough shape?!!” (I was 26 at the time, and now I’d like to slap myself!) 

But I’m a romantic adventuress, and did it anyway! The photo’s were gorgeous – but I already knew that Shayla would make me look great front and back! But the biggest surprise that I didn’t see coming was the palpable SURGE of confidence I got from it DURING the shoot, and that stayed with me  afterwards. All before I had even seen the photos!  And then the photos became a part of my evolution the feminine ME. 

Getting your pants OFF and putting your stiletto’s ON, (and adorned in jewels, lingerie, lacy masks, gloves, costumes or furs, or a stunning and provocative dress and paired with black seamed stockings) is a flipping healing!  Not to mention, seriously good fun. 

Join The Boudoir Magnet!

Total Course Investment: $4,950

Early Enrollment Discount: $500 OFF before May 30th  

(Full Payment or Easy Payment Plans Available!)

Curious? If you would like to set up a call and speak about this program, click right here!


Get ready to embrace your inner femme fatale, and give her an opportunity to come out and play! 

I can’t wait to see you, sexpot!  

All Love, 

P.S. These events are SUPER fun to do with your wing women, so bring em with you! Curious?  Talk to me…

 If you have any questions about this program please call us today at (323) 651-2421 and we will be happy to answer your questions!
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