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Thank you and kind regards from Down Under!'s Love Story

Hi Lauren, I bought your Cyberflirt-Reboot and Cyberflirt-Manhunt podcasts and it was probably the best investment I ever made in my life.

I just wanted to thank you for this audios, because I am sure without those I never would have been able to write my profile for a dating website, which was quite successful even if I didn’t have the right photos for it. I am 67 years young and lost my long term partner 8 months ago and felt ready to take my life again in my own hands. One thing I learned in my life is “always listen to your intuition (or gut feelings or whatever it is called)” and so I follow my inner urge to go online on a certain dating website exactly 3 weeks ago. But I didn’t follow your advice just to watch first what happens. Did quite an extensive search and found in this sea of photos just one which appealed to me and his profile sounded just like a job application.

As it turned out he was interested too and we share the same values, are on the same wave length and practice even the same kind of meditation (TM). And now it looks like we are starting a very fulfilling and happy relationship for both. I am off the dating website now for more than a week. I just want to thank you once more, because without your audios I would never have been brave enough to join a dating website and would not have been able to write a profile which made me appealing to this person.