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Naz Kleiman's Love Story

I was casually dating the wrong men who were “in the meantime” guys. I wanted children. They didn’t. I wanted to pursue a higher level of education, and a spiritual life. They were content in not having one. I love my father. They despised their mothers! All the signs were there, but somehow I convinced myself to continue to date them. When I told Lauren about my situation, she asked, “What do you want?” I felt like a deer caught in the headlights. But the truth was, that at 37 years old, I was afraid to verbalize what I wanted. I told her I wanted a family and she said, “Darling! Why are you wasting your time?”

Later, I drove home with her words echoing in me. So, I stopped wasting my time! On August 9th, I stopped dating the wrong guys. I took her suggestions and made the “The List.” I envisioned the perfect man for me. He would love his mother, be smart, caring, want a family, have strong values, and most of all…strive to have a spiritual life. I did the emotional clearing work she suggested and followed Lauren’s Man Plan. Then BANG! I met him. David and I had our first date the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Six months later, we were engaged and were married nine months after that. Today we have a beautiful little girl named Grace.

Every time I see Lauren, I thank her for everything. I’m so grateful I took her advice. I shiver at the thought of “What if I hadn’t?” Well, there would be no David and definitely…. no “Grace” in my life!

Eternally grateful,
Naz Kleiman