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Nannete's Love Story

Check out what the men are saying about my new profile: (profile went live the evening of 2/4/2010) I’ve gotten over 550 views in 4 days alone. I NEVER got feedback from men like the emails I’ve sent to you below, the last time I was online. Thank you Love Goddess!I enjoyed your profile tremendously! You express yourself very nicely and very precisely. Also, I have never encountered some one as beautiful, as charming and as photogenic as your self. I love what you’ve got to say. – 2/4/10

I loved your profile and I would love to get to know you more… I love your smile as well… – 2/5/2010

You seem like the real deal..sincere and warm. …A great guy here..sweet, genuine(NOT a player) -selective and active..looking to go slow and have fun!…are you as alluring on the inside as the outside??.. Let’s find out…and talk. – 2/5/2010

Well, I must admit, you had me with your smile. And then I read your profile…romantic, passionate, adventuresome, sense of humor…It only made you that much more alluring. – 2/5/2010

I just read your profile and without a doubt the most amazing one I’ve ever read. It was like reading a novel, not that it was long, but poetic. – 2/5/2010

Hi, I love your profile! I am an honest, outgoing and athletic romantic guy looking for some beautiful/kind/full-of-life woman to share life’s adventures, and… snowboard with! – 2/5/2010

Wow, you ARE a tiger! What a great description of yourself! – 2/6/2010

Wowww, what a headline.. thumbs up, really. I really enjoyed reading your profile, you have a great & sincere ability to express who you are and for whom you are looking for. – 2/6/2010