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Laurie Grigg's Love Story

It is amazing what love does to you.

I am still in love with my Crocodile Dundee–and here’s the pics to prove it. He took me alligator hunting in Sept! One of the biggest thrills of my life. My family can’t believe that their Manhattan Gal is being transformed into a Country Girl. It is amazing what love does to you.

The man magnet weekend opened me up totally. It gave me an ease with myself; an ease with my body.LaurieGrigg120 Afterwards I began wearing form-fitted clothing. It certainly was not the clothing, but the confidence and “owning it” that had me attract and hold onto Dale. He was the “hot stuff, bad boy” from high school (30 years ago). I now have a freedom that allows me to speak up and truly express myself. Before the man magnet weekend, I would have held my displeasure in instead of voicing it and correcting the disagreements.

Laurie We have created a safe space to communicate, which gives us the opportunity to build an honest, loving relationship.

Thank you Lauren!