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Kim's Love Story

After many many years of doing inner transformational and personal growth work to bring in my special soulmate, I realized with Lauren’s help I was hiding and in denial.

My man was not going to come knocking on my front door while I was meditating no matter how much I fantasized. I had done the inner work, now it was time for the outer. I needed to get some leverage to boost me into taking action. I signed up for Lauren’s Man Magnet weekend.

Little did I know just how fabulously that would work despite all my resistance to getting “out there” again after so long. Not only was the weekend an eye opener as to how I had been presenting myself in life, but it also catapulted me into being the woman I’ve always wanted to be but was afraid to try. After several epiphanies my courage grew, I felt beautiful and confident and had new knowledge of how the online dating scene works, how to keep myself safe and how to allow the men to come to me instead of me chasing them.

I am out in the world now, dating and having lots of fun and am in the process of becoming the woman that the kind of man I want would want. I have now matched the outer to the inner work. Thank you, Lauren, for taking me by the hand and showing me my dreams can come true! You are Cupid’s angel!