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Jennifer B.'s Love Story

I want to thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart, for this weekend. 

I am usually an extremely private person. The whole experience was like being completely cracked open. It is a true testimony of your depth as a person and the trust that you are capable of establishing within a group of women, that I would actually, unknowingly feel safe enough to just spontaneously become so vulnerable.

I have been meditating alot in the last couple of months on really being willing and open to seeing the truth in myself and others – I just absolutely never expected, and was honestly stunned, that it might include seeing photographs of myself like you were able to have produced. I have always felt very ugly in pictures, and ashamed as a result. (I am so happy that this is an email and you do not have to witness me cry again).

I know that you are packaged in a beautiful and lovely glamour suit, but I am very moved by the degree of passion and dedication that you bring to your work, and furthermore the degree to which you are really willing to give, to the women that you work with. No one could possibly ever fake that. You are so much the real thing, and I am beyond grateful to you for it.

Thank you again.