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Dianne's Love Story

“Your Man Magnet Makeover was an amazing experience on so many different levels. I came to you, a 66-year old widow of six years, locked in a time warp that was not serving me. You met the challenge with a power to be reckoned with starting out by turning my silver hair blond and converting my “safe” hair cut into a cute, sassy do. Then came the Spanx and sexy dresses I would have never considered wearing.

“If that was not enough, you helped me delve into what I really wanted so that I approached the creation of my profile with clarity of purpose. Then you massaged my over long profile into a short, breezy romp…that I absolutely hated. BUT, I went with it and discovered the men I approached on Match, that I felt were my type, would not respond. Feeling frustrated and ready to ask for help in a rewrite I received a most interesting email from a gentleman I would have never considered..because he was “not my type.” It turned out he is exactly my type and far exceeds anything I’d ever thought possible, except perhaps in fairy tales and really good movies. We are now a committed couple with plans to wed. Lauren, you create magic, thank you!”