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Cassie M.'s Love Story

My confidence level and my overall understanding of the male species is on a completely different level.

I actually came into Lauren with a lot of trauma; really confused and kind of scared of men. And really had even forgotten how to communicate with them and understand what their actions meant. All of that is gone. I really get them now. I really understand how to protect myself, in a way, which has made it fun again. The real deal. All of it was extremely transformative because all the information was instantly at my fingertips.

My behavioral patterns, due to really old stuff, stopped being in control, and that’s what was so profound about it. The work that I’ve done with Lauren—we really went there, and it was intense. The support that I’ve gotten from you Lauren, being a part of this process, knowing that I’ve got high level support, and have somewhere to go to get real answers, and somebody to help me see my blind spots, is amazing. Lauren and I were talking last week and she said, “You’re finally not traumatized.” And it’s true. I feel like I’ve finally healed those old wounds.