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Learn the Secrets That Create Epic Love and a Bodice Ripping Romance


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Are you ready for a Legendary Love that lasts? The kind that makes you skip down the street, sing in the shower, forgive all of your exes, and thank the heavens above?

Good. Because you can have it. And I am going to show you how.

The LEGENDARY LOVE Podcast Program will teach you the secrets to creating your own Legendary Love. In my private practice and online courses, I’ve helped thousands of women create blissful and secure romantic relationships and marriages. The tools I’ve taught them actually inspire men to be the best partners they’re capable of being, and enable women to live out their deepest romantic desires.

And these tools WORK.

Legendary Love will teach you how to create a vision of love and an unbreakable “golden bond” with your partner, and show you how to get your romantic relationships on solid ground.


LEGENDARY LOVE will teach you powerful “manhandling” secrets that motivate and inspire men to becoming the HERO they’ve always dreamed of being. And you’ll learn what every incredibly happy married woman knows. How to make men feel like you’re utterly irreplaceable and totally adored. If you want a LEGENDARY LOVE, you need to get this information under your garter belt!

[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Marta in Manhattan” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]We were on the brink of breaking up…

This course has literally changed my life. I am so excited about my relationship and its renewed passion. We were on the brink of breaking up and thanks to this class, I finally took a stand for my “vision of love” with Mark, even though it was scary to do, and you were right. He totally rose to the occasion!

I am blown away by what’s happening. I’m so RELAXED now that we have a deeper commitment, and we’re more in love than ever. You’re my Love Fairy!


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Although women are often quite aware of what they want and need, they’re often CLUELESS about what the men in their lives want and need, and are often left feeling unloved, unwanted, and alone. And with the very person that they love the most!

As a love coach and couples counselor, it’s always amazing to me how QUICKLY men respond to correct “Manhandling”, and how happy they become when they feel understood, respected, and appreciated. Sadly, most women don’t often have a clue about why men partner women for the long term, or why they decide to ultimately marry and INVEST in certain romantic relationships above all others. Or once men make an initial romantic investment in your relationship (pursuit, courtship, and commitment) how to KEEP them emotionally investing in it.

If you’re confused about why a sexy and fun courtship turned into another romantic disappointment instead of a happy marriage, or if your great marriage became lackluster or is fraught with unending power struggles, or if you’re single and want to know how to find the RIGHT man for the rest of your love life, then this course is for you.

You’ll learn the secret to getting your needs met from men without struggling, (wouldn’t that be a welcome change?) and truly understand how to motivate your partner to bond with you on a much deeper level. Deeper than you ever thought imaginable.

If you want a LEGENDARY LOVE, you need this information! You’ll learn:

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This course is for you…

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About the Podcasts:

Each podcast is approximately 90 minutes long, and is in an easy to follow lecture format. The podcasts are often accompanied with written homework assignments.

Because they’re pre-recorded, you’ll be able to work at your own pace, so you can zip through the material as quickly as you choose to, (and start flirting faster!) My Legendary Love students were able to participate in a live Q & A on every call, and will ask some questions that you might have, too.

Special Support: Once you complete the course, you can email your homework into our office for more suppport. We want to make sure that you understand the material and get all of the ‘Romantic Tech Support’ that you need to succeed at restarting your love life!

[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Marci and Ben Sommers” company=”Educator” gender=”” link=”” target=”_self”]You’ve given us a brand new lease on our Love Life![/testimonial][/testimonials]

[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Charlene Watson” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]Thank you, Love Goddess! I never felt this safe, this calm, this HAPPY with a man before.

After 2 failed marriages, I never thought I’d have this kind of love. You have taught me how to rise above my low expectations and create a vision of love worth living. And with a man whose really worth having.


What You’ll Get:

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SPECIAL BONUSES: The program is accompanied by related written materials, and bonus podcasts. Each Podcast offer deeply specialized processes and tools that I use in my private practice, and will be THEME based and target a new love-coaching topic so that you keep growing, learning and expanding at the same quick rate that my private clients do.

I’m committed to giving you the support you’ll need to get to the altar (and beyond)! Here’s to getting into action, keeping the MOMENTUM going, staying accountable, and creating a love that is the stuff out of LEGENDS. Jump in and GET ONE!

(Pssst…Cupid is listening!)

All Love,


Note: If you’re on the fence and really can’t decide if this course is right for you, pick up the phone right now and give me a call at (323) 651-2421

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[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Janice Goldman Picker” company=”” gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]Lauren-
I am at your feet!.

This is from my baby, my love, my future husband…

“To My Queen,
Ever felt a smile across your face when that special someone breezes by you? You start missing her like you haven’t seen her in ages when actually you just said goodbye… You can’t stop smiling when she is around. You are happy and joyful. I just want to say that I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with. You are simply the best. I love and adore you. I can’t wait to marry you. I will love you all of the days of your life.
King Ralph!


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Karen” company=””gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]Wow, that was amazing!

Thanks so much for being in the world and sharing this with us. I’ve had lots of therapy of different kinds, but nothing really boiled it down like this and put it so clearly! I’m looking forward to more…


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Eva” company=”” gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]Thank you SO much for your classes

They are a treasure!!! I feel so grateful for your Venusian mission of lifting the vision of love and romance for our whole beautiful planet.


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Carrie” company=”” gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]Thanks for everything; Lauren, you are a genius.

I admire that you are frank and direct, yet your genuine interest and concern still shines through.


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Aurora” company=”” gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]Thank you, Lauren! I am blown over by your brilliant, loving stand for epic, legendary true everlasting love

Thank you so much for standing for those of us who have all but given up! I found new hope that the dream can be achieved…now let’s hope I achieve it!


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Nikki” company=”” gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]I loved this program.

Lauren, you are an incredible coach, and I have improved a great deal from your systems and methods. If you can imaging such a thing, I am a coach for people in manufacturing – a change agent who learned a LONG time ago I must concentrate on the people to make great changes happen for a company. I used Mind-maps to DRAW the path to identifying my heart wound and to DRAW my vision of love in the future.

It was literally life-changing. I was clearly in need of an attitude adjustment, and I am so happy that I have done so and someday soon my romantic renaissance man will be happy I did too. Thank you.


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Eva W., Film Editor” company=”Germany” gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]Lauren has turned complete chaos into a ring on my finger.

The precision with which she gets right away what’s going on is more than incredible. And the great thing is that she knows what to do about it. And what she says works. It is extremely reassuring and wonderful to learn about love from Lauren.


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=”#000000″][testimonial name=”Brooke M” company=”Interior Designer” gender=”female” link=”” target=”_self”]After your private coaching and Man Magnet Seminars, my phone’s been ringing off the hook!

Before I found you I’d actually given up on dating men altogether. Watching all of my girlfriends get married and have families was painful because I felt so hopeless about my own love life. Working with you has been a Godsend! After your private coaching and Man Magnet Seminars, my phone’s been ringing off the hook! I’ve become the sexy, confident woman that I always dreamed I could be. You’ve changed my love life.


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