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From the Boudoir to the Boardroom, and Beyond!
with Lauren Frances

Are you ready to become a SUPERNOVA in the art of Manifesting your hearts desires? Would you like to evolve to the next level of mastery in your personal or professional life without sacrificing some deeply meaningful aspect of it, to achieve another?

Bring me your longing, your wishes, and your unmet potential, and let’s MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN.  Most people – especially women – spend their lives in a state of inner yearning and longing, and are trapped in a cycle of some form of deprivation and sacrifice even when they are ‘winning.’

They long for love, but don’t have time to focus on Tinder when they have a grueling career. Or they want to create a masterwork of art,  but are in service to their husbands, parents or kids. Others long to make IMPACT, and even though they rise to positions of great power, don’t really have the emotional cheerleading and support they need in rising higher and burn out with exhaustion.

Most women feel ALONE in the areas that they long for the most. The ‘it’s lonely at the top’ myth, is actually true. Most women don’t leverage all of the support they require to and need to create significant breakthroughs in significant aspects of their lives  (What is this for you? ) and just soldier on. And time keeps on tick tick ticking.

So I decided to create a MANIFESTING MASTERCLASS for women who are deeply committed to really thriving and RISING UP, and living to their fullest potential. 

The longing for love, for power, for sex, partnership, wealth, creative fulfillment and adventure, or just feeling happy on the inside – beautiful on the outside – is natural. It’s not bad, petty, small, or not spiritual.  It is actually a yearning to live in a state of deeper harmony and fulfillment, which means that it requires that you are in a state of proper relatedness to yourself, and your purpose as an empowered woman.

Manifest! From the Boudoir to the Boardroom, and Beyond ...

Manifest is a one year contract with yourself to get off of the couch, and DO IT.  (Whatever “IT’ is for you).

It’s also a contract with a group of like minded women that are also deeply committed to making absolute magic happen. It is a curated group of women who are already at a level of competence in some major aspect of their lives. It is not group therapy. It is a high functioning group of badass women that are serious about creating tangible transformation in the realm of their choosing, be it in your love life, or expanding your personal or professional power.

Manifest Mastermind

365 Day
Manifest Mastermind Program

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About “The Feminine Secret To Manifesting”  & ” The High Art Forms of Creation”  

Working from your magnetic feminine and HARMONIZING with your environment, is different than fighting for recognition.

When you are in a state of confident security and in your empowered feminine, you’l naturally attract support, praise, love, romance, and it will be easy rise to the top … of your field, your earning capacity, and within your interpersonal relationships. Instead of pushing forward, you are carried forward.

You stop getting into totally preventable power struggles, and garner undying loyalty and fealty from men,  in both your professional and personal life.

You’ll feel safer in whatever domains that you choose to master. Whether its love, success, your body, or your finances, when you know how to work from your inner magnetic feminine, you’ll wind up exactly where you wish to be!

Unexpected miracles start quite naturally happening. Good fortune, amazing windfalls and “lucky coincidences” start dropping down from the heavens above. You discover how much easier life is, when learn how to tune into not only a different current of energy, but how to regulate it, and align with your real goals and desires. Let’s make them happen!

Why “Longing & Dissatisfaction” is actually good for you 

Most women feel like they’re “missing something” or “someone” in their life. They long for love, or a better bod, or a better job, or wish they’d had children, (or hadn’t! and kept on that career path). Life is full of regrets, indeed, and LONGING. It’s grist for epic love songs, and inspires sonnets. And it’s actually good for you, if you use it as FUEL.

Longing and regret is just your soul reminding you to pay attention to yourself. It’s your inner feminine sorceress asking you to WAKE UP, and fulfill your UNMET POTENTIAL.

It’s a bell that rings through us as an “inner guidepost” that  is beckoning you to take take action towards the “next indicated right thing’  and is actually SACRED.

It is the key unlocking your unmet potential. Yearning for ________ is something that your feminine wants you to conquer, conjure or master.

Because the truth is, your divine “inner femme” really wants you to feel fabulous about yourself. She loves you completely. She just wants you to  tend to your dreams, and focus clearly your desires and honor them.

Sister to Sister Secret:  It’s her witchy ways that are the flint – and the divine creative SPARK – that attracts love, abundance, creativity, and power to women.

I’m going to show you how to fan that flame, shelter it, and turn your longing for  “______” into a roaring BONFIRE of manifestation, as an example of YOUR DIVINE FEMININE SUPERPOWERS.

And we can also go shopping.

Upcoming Intensives

Intensive 1: Legendary Love Immersions

Legendary Love Immersions will clarify your core romantic needs, and remove inner barriers and blocks to receiving love in your life. This deep and profound work has helped hundreds of graduates clarify what they truly need on the inner planes and how to find their true north partner..

Intensive 2: The Manifest Mastermind

This 2 day retreat is a magical opportunity to create a vision of love, and call in your Legendary Love. The retreat will allow you to dream, luxuriate, and create a vision of love for the upcoming year, and empower your ‘magnetic high feminine’ so that love can MANIFEST.

Intensive 3: Manhandling Skills & Partnership Paradigms

Are you ready to become utterly irreplaceable and passionately adored? Or what I refer to as “The Queen of His Heart?” Discover the secrets to holding your feminine power with men thru every phase of courtship and pair bonding so that your vision of love manifests with your partner.

This Manhandling Intensive will teach you a new and inspirational way of communicating and relating with men, and you’ll learn how to motivate and inspire men to become the hero’s they’ve always dreamt of being.. You’ll also discover how to move from casual courtships and into deeply committed partnerships, ‘ and the 6 stages of courtship and deepening commitment that manifest a Legendary Love.

Intensive 4:  SUPERSTAR Coaching
If you want to have more reach and create more impact in your professional life, than you need BRANDING and MEDIA COACHING.  Learn my secrets to being CONFIDENT from the stage, or the sound-stage, and learn the best ways to prepare for MEDIA APPEARANCES and interviews, how to dress for on camera appearances of high power board meetings, and the best ways to BRUSH interviews, pitch meetings, and more!

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About Lauren Frances

Lauren Frances is an internationally acclaimed love and relationships expert, author, and media personality, and a leader in the field of Digital Romance and Online Dating.

She’s been called “The Manwhisperer” by Extra,“The Flirt Fairy” by Victoria’s Secret, and “Fairy Godmother” by her faithful fans, and her love coaching practice spans the globe.

You’ve seen her on Bravo, Extra, VH1, Oxygen, NBC, KTLA and FOX, The Doctors, The Real Housewives of OC and more. Her internationally acclaimed bestseller Dating, Mating, and Manhandling: The Ornithological Guide to Men (Crown 2006) has been translated into 8 languages and been called ‘the definitive dating guide’ for the modern marriageable woman.

Her Man Magnet Makeover Workshops and Cyberflirt Podcast Programs for online dating have been featured on The Doctors, The Ricki Lake Show, Fox and Own, and magazines like Glamour, Women’s Health and more, and her live Legendary Love Workshops have launched countless love lives.