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Magnetize Your Lovelife! Workshop

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“I’m slipping on my stiletto’s and leading workshops near you…”

Brand New: Magnetize Your Lovelife Workshops!

by Lauren Frances


Are you ready for a bodice ripping romance that LASTS? Join me for 4 hours, and I’ll transform you into the LOVE MAGNET you were always MEANT to be…

Magnetize Your Lovelife Workshops!

Complimentary Tickets NOW AVAILABLE in:
San Francisco 7/23

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Question: Are you sick of being single? Or flinging yourself into cyberspace, and ‘duty dating’ up a storm (but nothing’s really sticking – or clicking?)

You’re not alone. You are probably smart and successful, and can handle almost anything. But not knowing how to ATTRACT who you want, and KEEP the relationship you want, is the challenge of every single woman that’s not fulfilling her Romantic Destiny.

It can even wreck your confidence, no matter how hot or rich or successful you are in other parts of your life. And wasting your precious time on the wrong men over and over again is downright depressing!*

(*aka. You’ve accidentally become de-magnetized.) And it’s a drag.

And it doesn’t have to be! You can change your romantic destiny, and I can show you how.

The Good News: I love working with women just like you. It is my specialty. I’ve already helped thousands of women who felt just like you, create magnificent love lives, and I’d love to waive my magic wand over you too! You just need an update in your approach to dating, and upping your innate “magnetic attraction factor’ with men.

You’re not broken, cursed by the fates or to old/thin/fat/rich/ or successful to find love. You just need some modern relationship technology that WORKS with men. When you know WHAT to do and HOW to do it, you’ll be shocked at how incredibly MAGNETIC you become. And the difference in the kind MEN you attract.

Instead of feeling panicky and dis-empowered online or in relationships, you’ll quickly blossom, and experience the rush that comes from being the mistress of your own romantic destiny.

So if you’re ready (or more that ready!) to Magnetize Your lovelife, my BRAND NEW workshops are a special opportunity to get your lovelife turned on…and headed straight up the alter!


Magnetize Your Lovelife! Workshops are for you if…