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Legendary Love Weekend Workshop

Join me October 27 & 28, 2018 New York City
January 19 & 20, 2019 Palm Springs, CA

(Total Course Investment: $1250.00)


     Are you ready for the King of Your heart? I think I heard a resounding YES!

     But if finding and keeping love is you’re Achilles heel, (even if you’re wearing Jimmy Choo’s!) I’ve got some exciting news…

     I’d like to invite you to join me this September for a brand new weekend workshop, called Legendary Love.      

    Working with women one-on-one, and in small groups is my favorite thing to do, and I’m thrilled to be launching a brand new series of affordable (yay!) workshops that will help you create and keep lasting love.

     Confession: I led this program several years ago in New York, with spectacular, love-life changing results. I just got so busy writing, coaching, doing Man Magnets and taping TV shows, that I forgot to keep making space for these powerful programs in my hectic schedule! My graduates loved them, and I think you will too.

     It’ll make you want to skip down the street, sing in the shower, forgive all of your exes, and thank the heavens above…

     The Legendary Love Weekend Intensive will teach you how to create your very own “happily-ever after” and a ‘golden bond’ with men.          

     We’ll also dissolve hidden blocks that are preventing you from maintaining and creating healthy romantic relationships with a 4 step process I created to Unhex Your Heart.    

   Do you feel like there’s a little dark cloud over your love life?

     Something might’ve happened that you’re consciously aware of, or you might simply think you’re got really bad luck. But whatever the cause, the results are the same. You’ve got everything except the one thing that you really want the most…


     Are you confused about why a sexy and fun courtship turned into another romantic disappointment instead of a happy marriage, or why a great marriage has become lackluster or is fraught with unending power struggles? Or or if you’re single and want to know how to find the RIGHT man for the rest of your love life, then..

[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=””][testimonial name=”Eva” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]Thank you SO much for creating the Legendary Love Workshop! They are a treasure!!! I feel so grateful for your Venusian mission of lifting the vision of love and romance for our whole beautiful planet.


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=””][testimonial name=”Aurora” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]Thank you, Lauren! I am blown over by your brilliant loving stand for epic, legendary true everlasting love…Thank you so much for standing for those of us who have all but given up! I found new hope that the dream can be achieved…now let’s hope I achieve it!


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=””][testimonial name=”Karen” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]Wow, that was amazing! Thanks so much for being in the world and sharing this with us. I’ve had lots of therapy of different kinds, but nothing really boiled it down like this and put it so clearly! I’m looking forward to more…


Gal Fact: Millions of women shut down and retract from dating, especially after being hurt or rejected in a particularly painful way. It can keep you out of the dating field for years.

      You might have developed unconscious and defensive patterns of relating to men that actually PUSH them away.

     And still others are living in a state of lowered expectations. They keep settling for a string of Mr. Right Now’s and not their happily-ever-afters.

     Or you’re in a tough relationship, and aren’t sure if you should keep trying (and how to do that) or if it’s time to walk away.

     Women often justify this, and think “I’ll get back out there someday.”

      (Right after they climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, buy an oceanside vacation home, or discover a really good tasting no-cal Yogurt… Ping me!)

     So if you’re really ready to fall in love, or make your current relationship more fulfilling, or revive a failing relationship, join me in LA & NYC this September!

About the Weekend Intensive:
October 27 & 28, 2018  New York City
January 19 & 20, 2019  Palm Springs, CA

Evening Cocktail Party

Friday Night

Unhex Your Heart Workshop

Legendary Love Workshop

Can’t make it in September? Get on the waiting list for the next event!

Course Investment: $1250.00

Payment Plan Available

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Event Location: The Legendary Roosevelt Hotel
Hollywood, CA

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To make a room reservation or if you have any questions please call us at our office 323-651-2421.

During the program, you’ll get:
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Special Offer! – If you register for the upcoming Man Magnet Makeover which is the 3rd weekend in June, you will get complimentary enrollment into this amazing weekend workshop, too!

[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=””][testimonial name=”Nikki” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]I loved this program. Lauren, you are an incredible coach, and I have improved a great deal from your systems and methods. If you can imagine such a thing, I am a coach for people in manufacturing – a change agent who learned a LONG time ago I must concentrate on the people to make great changes happen for a company. I used Mind-maps to DRAW the path to identifying my heart wound and to DRAW my vision of love in the future. It was literally life-changing. I was clearly in need of an attitude adjustment, and I am so happy that I have done so and someday soon my romantic renaissance man will be happy I did too. Thank you.


      I’ve helped hundreds of women create blissful and secure romantic relationships and marriages. The tools I’ve taught them actually INSPIRE men to be the best partners they’re capable of being, and enable women to live out their deepest romantic desires.

     And these tools WORK.

     You’ll get the same coaching that my private clients pay me thousands for. This knowledge gives them the ability to KNOW how to create healthy happy relationships, and results in gaining freedom emotional pain and fear.

     We’ll start by UNHEXING YOUR HEART on Saturday. We’ll dissolve your internal blocks to love. Then, we’ll turn your painful experiences and expectations into a personalized ‘formula’ that is your own secret KEY to creating romantic and future happiness. This ‘reframing process’ will give you the ability to create a transformed and more healthy kind of love.

      On Sunday we’ll focus on the 6 keys to creating LEGENDARY LOVE. You’ll formulate your Vision of Love, and learn powerful “manhandling” secrets that motivate and inspire men into becoming the HEROES that they’ve always dreamt of being. 

The Legendary Love Weekend Workshop

    Have you ever felt like there was a little dark cloud over your love life?

     And although you’ve probably read countless self-help books, gone to psychics, hot stone massage therapists, and taken relationship courses up the wazoo, you might still find yourself with some very disappointing results. Nada. Zip. No-one (or just another wrong someone!)

     If this is sounding familiar you are definitely not alone. When women get repeatedly disappointed by love, it makes them want to stop playing. 

Saturday: Unhexing Your Heart Workshop

My Unhex Your Heart Workshop will free you from your romantic bog and get your feet moving in the right direction, off of the couch, out of the past, and right up the altar!

023_multi 001 

    And you’ll learn what every incredibly happy married woman knows; how to make her fella feel like he’s the King of her Heart, and inspiring him to make you The Queen of his (emotional) Castle!

In the ‘Unhex Your Heart’ workshop you’ll learn:

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Sunday: The Legendary Love Intensive

      As a love coach and couples counselor, it’s always amazing to me how QUICKLY men respond to correct “Manhandling”, and how happy they become when they feel understood, respected, and appreciated. Sadly, most women don’t often have a clue about why men partner women for the long term, or why they decide to ultimately marry and INVEST in certain romantic relationships above all others. Or once men make an initial romantic investment in your relationship (pursuit, courtship, and commitment), how to KEEP them emotionally investing in it.

PromoYou’ll Discover…

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[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=””][testimonial name=”Janice Goldman Picker” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]JaniceLauren – I am at your feet!

This is from my baby, my love, my future husband…

“To My Queen,
Ever felt a smile across your face when that special someone breezes by you? You start missing her like you haven’t seen her in ages when actually you just said goodbye… You can’t stop smiling when she is around. You are happy and joyful. I just want to say that I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with. You are simply the best. I love and adore you. I can’t wait to marry you. I will love you all of the days of your life. Love, King Ralph!”


[testimonials backgroundcolor=”#fff6f6″ textcolor=””][testimonial name=”Eva W. – Film Editor, Germany” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]Lauren has turned complete chaos into a ring on my finger.The precision with which she gets right away what’s going on is more than incredible. And the great thing is that she knows what to do about it. And what she says works. It was extremely reassuring and wonderful to learn about love from Lauren.


      You’ll learn the secret to getting your needs met from men without struggling, (wouldn’t that be a welcome change?) and truly understand how to motivate your partner to bond with you on a much deeper level. Deeper than you ever thought imaginable, and without nagging, fighting, crying, or pushing. Just relaxing in the knowledge that you are doing your best to create a love that’s worthy of you, and with tools that actually WORK.

This course is for you…

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Then this course is for you!

If you’d like more information or to participate in either of these exclusive weekend workshops, please let me know by registering now, or emailing me back here.

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Space is Limited. The Registration Deadline for this workshop is 3 days prior to the workshop start date, so hurry up Buttercup!

I can’t wait to see you in October!

All Love,