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The Man Magnet Makeover

Your mission: become an
irresistible Man Magnet Online..& Offline!

by Lauren Frances


Lauren does a Man Magnet Makeover on The Doctors...

Upcoming Event

December 9th – 11th Beverly Hills, CA

(Can’t make it this time? Join the waiting list here for upcoming events, or call us directly at 323-651-2421.)

Are you stuck in a lonely man-free tower? Fear not! The Cavalry’s coming, (and we’re wearing stiletto’s…) Join Lauren Frances and hers expert makeover team. Together we’ll create the romantic marketing tools (the right bait!) to attract your ideal mate online, in one glamorous, fun filled weekend.

Flirt Fact: Dating and social networking sites have given women instant access to millions of men around the globe. But there’s a catch. To make the experience a success, women need professional man-friendly photos and excellent online marketing skills. This weekend will transform you into a “romantic lifestyle brand” that “marrying men” are instantly drawn to, and find irresistible. And this is what every single woman needs, but few of them know… And that’s where I come in.

Amazing Fact: One out of every 6 couples are meeting online!

Sad Gal Fact: Most single women HATE online dating! They either get swamped with unwanted male attention, or feel totally overlooked and ignored. So what’s a gal to do? (If you’re smart, you’ll get into gear and quickly learn Lauren’s secrets to cyberflirting!)

How? Get amazing photos from a SWAT team of beauty professionals and written profiles that leap off the page lure high quality men. My award winning team of hairstylists, makeup artists, and photographers are regularly booked for the Emmys, Oscars, and the Grammys. And my online profile writing secrets will transform you into a ‘romantic lifestyle brand’ that men are instantly drawn to, and that ‘marrying men’ find irresistible. Not able to attend this event, please check out my Cyberflirt Toolkit program. It will help you find your prince, too!

Man Magnet Overview

December 9th – 11th
in Beverly Hills, CA

Man Magnet Makeover Day!

  • Salon, Shopping & Cocktail Party!
  • Man Magnet Photo Shoot & Dinner
  • Vision of Love Day
  • Profile Writing & Cyberflirting Secrets
  • Bonus! 4 followup live calls with Lauren and your Man Magnet

Makeover Group (Valued at $550.00)

Need a Makeover? Don’t feel bad.
Celebrities need professional stylists too!

No celebrity goes to an awards show without high level image support. Now you don’t have to wander out into cyberspace or on a first date without a fabulous support team, either! This Man Magnet Makeover will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with my amazing team of beauty experts who do the EXACT SAME THING with superstars from your favorite TV shows, movies and fashion magazines, everyday. This event is going to be the chance of a lifetime!

You’ll get access to the creme de le creme of the styling and fashion world at a price that normal humans can actually afford. Our stylist bills her celebrities a mere 15 thousand per day. Our award winning team of hairstylists, makeup artists, and photographers are regularly booked for the Emmys, Oscars, the Grammys, and are the secret go-to team of your favorite celebrities and yours truly! We’ll help you be your most riveting, alluring, and authentically beautiful self. You will get 4 totally different looks to post online, that will express a uniquely different aspect of your personality. And most importantly, we’ll make sure that you know EXACTLY how to recreate these ‘dating looks’ at home.

There is a formula to attracting high-quality male attention online that really WORKS.

While it’s true that there’s tons of competition out there, and that attractive men have tons of “winks” blinking at them in their inboxes, there is a formula to getting male attention online that WORKS. So who breaks through, stands out, and captures alpha-male attention? Who do high quality men, the men that are really serious about finding relationships online, choose to pursue?

What women do successful men find the most date-worthy?

  • Women who know what they’re looking for and confidently share their ‘vision of love’ online, and in a way that men find irresistible.
  • Woman who present themselves visually in a way that inspires a romantic ‘click.’
  • Women who know the real “secrets” to online dating and are authentic, confident, and feminine.
  • Women whose e-mails and profiles grab them by the collar and create a feeling of emotional connection from the first read, moving and inspiring them to e-mail immediately!
  • YOU with my Man Magnet Online Makeover!

Join the Man Magnet Makeover!

Total Course Investment: $4,950.00

Looking for love online allows you to shop for men the same way you’d try to locate Prada at a Barneys sale!


That’s why any woman who’s serious about finding a lovebird needs to master online dating. I will show you the exact same online technique that until now, only my private clients have been privy to. My profile secret formula that will allow you to create coherent, authentic, and powerful online profiles, (which are really effective romantic ‘marketing’ materials) for all of your dating sites, and on all of your social media networking outlets like Facebook and Linked-in.

There is a formula to attracting high-quality male attention that really WORKS. When you have great photos and know exactly how to flirt online, this modern day ‘matchmaking miracle’ can happen for you, too. You’ll be shocked at how quickly your romantic results will change with a professionally written online profile. Heartstrings open. Your romantic recognition and emotional credibility will skyrocket. Attractive men who are truly looking for love actually seek out these hidden cues in profiles, cues that inspire them to take action and enable them to actually FIND you.

What you’ll get from the Man Magnet Makeover event…

Your new online profile will leap right off the page and into his heart!

You’ll also learn…

You are truly the Michelangelo of love!

“I need a secretary for my inbox! The emails just keep coming in (30-60 a day) and hardly a dud in the lot. Ahhh, what’s a girl to do?Just to let you know, you are all that. Oh how you are sent from above!! I set up my Match account today and the world exploded. I have an avalanche of responses from Match including 3 doctors, 3 high powered/partnered attorneys, 2 CFOs of major companies and a couple of spiritual hotties. The comments were generally the highest accolades. Thanks for the online input!! My profile has caused the perfect storm.”


The reviews are in!

Check out these eLove Letters sent to my Man Magnets:

You’ve described a romantic utopia that I’ve longed for, but thought unattainable. I can’t wait to meet you.”

Yours is unlike any profile I’ve ever read… but then, that’s what you intended. You’ve got my full attention!”

I don’t know which I prefer… the imagery of you in a jade sequined sheath or robed in red cashmere… decisions… decisions.”

Whether this goes anywhere or not… you’ve rekindled hope in the heart of this incurable romantic. Good karma shall be upon you!”

Well, I must admit, you had me with your smile. And then I read your profile… romantic, passionate, adventuresome, sense of humor… It only made you that much more alluring.”

WOW… match sent you to me……and I rejoined for a month just to email you. You look and sound great — wonderful photos – Feel free to email me on my website or let me know how to get hold of you. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

Yours was the only one that mesmerized…I have looked at 1000’s and yes, I mean thousands of profiles, and yours was the only one that mesmerized, fascinated and captivated all my attention.”

Wide Awake! While slipping into unconsciousness in front of the computer, your wonderful writing has me wide awake. I especially liked this thought: ‘Legendary tour de force show stoppers only come around once in a lifetime and I await my partner for our debut in love’s spotlight!’”

Your description says it all…So many people try to use too many words to describe an ideal that probably does not exist. Add passion and chemistry to the mix and you are on the right path to a match!”

Although I am very new to this site, I have looked at enough profiles to sense uniqueness…The typical profile is cliche’ ridden and trite, while yours is brief and straight from the heart. Plus, you don’t have what seems to be a universal “laundry list” of traits that people are seeking in a match.”

You have just described me and what I have been seeking–which is probably why I am still seeking that wonderful match–I have much to give.”

I love what you’ve got to say…I enjoyed your profile tremendously! You express yourself very nicely and very precisely. Also, I have never encountered some one as beautiful, as charming and as photogenic as yourself. I love what you’ve got to say.”

I loved your profile and I would love to get to know you more… I love your smile as well…”

And you can get these kinds of responses too! Here’s how…

We’ll begin by quickly retooling your romantic ‘image.’ And what will make you ‘pop’ online. My award winning team of professional makeup artists, hairstylists, and photographers will give you the tools that every single woman in today’s unique dating environment actually needs. The right pictures and online profiles can create a synergy that lures a flock of available suitors to you in a matter of weeks.

You Need This Workshop!

Be your own best friend and give yourself permission to go for it. You can stop spinning your wheels and make your romantic dreams a reality. You can stop HOPING and start HAVING. Remember: Even Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White did a lot of footwork to find their fellas! They picked up after seven dwarves, swept the castle, and spun yards and yards of silk! They were exhausted. Becoming a Man Magnet is much more fun! Here’s to honoring the romantic dream inside of you… Here’s to making your romantic dreams ACTUALIZE and MATERIALIZE. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Right is living or working within a 10-mile radius of you RIGHT NOW. Maybe he’s even wondering when he’s going to meet a great woman like YOU this very second. Maybe he’s waiting for you online, but you just haven’t popped on his radar yet. Let me show you how to be irresistible to him, and make it happen. I promise you this…he’ll be happy you did!

Join the Man Magnet Makeover!

Total Course Investment: $4,950.00

Man Magnet Love Stories & Reviews

Your Man Magnet Makeover was an amazing experience on so many different levels. I came to you, a 66-year old widow of six years, locked in a time warp that was not serving me. You met the challenge with a power to be reckoned with starting out by turning my silver hair blond and converting my “safe” hair cut into a cute, sassy do. Then came the Spanx and sexy dresses I would have never considered wearing.

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Not only was the [Man Magnet] weekend an eye opener as to how I had been presenting myself in life, but it also catapulted me into being the woman I’ve always wanted to be but was afraid to try. After several epiphanies my courage grew, I felt beautiful and confident and had new knowledge of how the online dating scene works, how to keep myself safe and how to allow the men to come to me instead of me chasing them. I am out in the world now, dating and having lots of fun and in the process of becoming the woman that the kind of man I want would want. … Thank you, Lauren, for taking me by the hand and showing me my dreams can come true! You are Cupid’s angel!

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Initially, I was scared to get into [a new] relationship and did my best to sabotage it but at the advice of Lauren I gave it a chance and he has been the best gift God has ever given me. He is everything I have ever wanted and needed in a man and I am so thankful to have him in my life. The beautiful ring on my finger is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness. Lauren was right… if I remained patient and didn’t settle, the right guy was out there.

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Lisa Jenkins

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All Love,

Lauren Frances

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