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Legendary Love Weekend Workshop Questionnaire


I can’t wait to share my heart healing process with you, and helping you to create and receive a truly heart-healing love. 

Due to the intensive and sensitive nature of this workshop, it is helpful to clarify your personal goals prior to our workshop, and also for me to know what you most wish to achieve! 

New to my work? If you haven’t worked with me privately before, we will also schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation prior to our weekend workshop so that you and I have alignment about what you would like to achieve during our time together.  

To get started, please fill out this brief Legendary Love Immersion Questionnaire.

First Name

What is your ultimate romantic goal? 

What have you been struggling with the most in your love life?

What is your most pressing romantic problem?

Do you have any particular areas of your love life that need the most support?

What is your current relationship status? (Are you currently single, actively dating, or in an exclusive dating relationship right now?)

If single, how long have you been so?

When was your last major relationship?

Have you been married before?  How many times?

Are there any specific traumatic events, or ‘heart-wounds’ you would most like to transform, or be healed from during our weekend, and in your life?

Is there any wounding that is affecting you RIGHT NOW, and if so, HOW?

What are your biggest blocks to creating love?

Do you know what your ‘type’ is with men that you’d like to correct?

Do you have any long standing problems as a result of your heart wounds?

What would freedom look like if you were healed from your heart wounds?

What do you want to achieve by the conclusion of this course?

How did you hear about this event?

Have you done any other programs or courses with Lauren Frances Love Coaching?

Do you have anything you’d like Lauren to know before you attend the workshop?

Would you like to set up a call with us about this workshop, or to discuss private coaching with Lauren, or other programs that may be helpful?  If yes, what days/times work best for you?

Will you be traveling to attend this workshop from out of city, state, or the United States?

Do you need hotel accommodations?