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I was living like a nun, and really had nothing to do with men. I’m now a sex goddess!

I am very successful in the business world so I really had to develop that strong business persona, so there were these masculine parts of me that were highly developed. I had abandoned my feminine part, and couldn’t create a relationship that was nourishing to me—fulfilling me—until I could go in and learn from Lauren what it meant to be in that feminine self, which I now call my inner Sex Goddess.

I’d been basically a hermit for 13 years. I’m now 58 years old, and was living a nun’s life that really had nothing to do with men. Then I started working with Lauren, and most amazing thing has happened to my life, because men buzz around me now. It’s incredible, and it happened right after the man magnet makeover I did will her. I am now a sex goddess! All the things that Lauren has said to me, they were very difficult to believe. I fought her left and right, and she had to consistently go through each point until I bought it. But I’ve really done what she had said. I have followed her advice. I’m now in love with this incredible man, and he’s i madly in love with ME. He is warm and honest. We have so much fun, (and have fabulous sex!) I’ve never felt like I’ve received true love before now. It’s so mind boggling how all this happened, but it has, and it’s thanks to you, Lauren.

Terry F.—Chief Operations Director

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