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Get Your Flirt On This Summer! Self Magazine

Now that the sun’s back in the picture, you’re more open to some guy attention, a new study in the journal Social Influence suggests. Research has shown that sunlight increases serotonin levels, boosting your mood, which can make you happy to accept even bad one-liners. So we say: Start flirting now! Love expert Lauren Frances shares her tips.

Tip #1: Be where the guys are!
Street fairs
The beer garden
Get outside and show your confidence!

Tip #2: Be proactive.
Signal your attraction first so he knows it’s OK to approach. But don’t be creepy!
Which leads us to…

Tip #3: Dish a compliment.
Break the ice with something specific.
“Cool sneakers!” or “Nice watch!”
But no one likes a Snarky Sue. Smile to show you aren’t being sarcastic!

Tip #4: Mirror his actions.
Is he leaning in? Nodding energetically?
Match his level of enthusiasm to show you’re in sync.

Tip #5: Suggest a follow up.
If you’re interested, show him by offering up a get together.
One Lauren Frances, our expert, loves: “Let’s get tea sometime!” It’s less threatening than a drink, more interesting than coffee.
But in all: Don’t overthink! You’re in the sun, you’re flirting: Just enjoy.

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