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may, 2020

17may - 25All Day"The Femme Fatale Tour Paris - South of France" / May 17 - May 25, 2020


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What do women love more than lingerie, chocolate, love stories, and shopping? Finding them all in Paris!

Are you ready to indulge yourself and discover the secrets to Parisian beauty and romance? Join relationship expert Lauren Frances and her makeover team for a 9-day transformational tour to reclaim your feminine spirit and redefine your romantic identity.

Your mission:  Become the unforgettable Femme Fatale* you were always meant to be….

*Le Femme Fatale enthralls men in bonds of irresistible desire, is adept in the feminine arts, and her beauty, charm and sexual allure both entrance and hypnotize the one she desires.  She is also known as an enchantress, a seductress, a goddess.

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17 (Sunday) - 25 (Monday)

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