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The Diva Tour to Italy
with Lauren Frances


The Diva Tour to Italy
with Lauren Frances

Milan – Venice – Florence – Tuscany
Tour Dates: October 5th-15th, 2019


Get ready for a divine romantic frolic throughout Italy that will delight and awaken all of your senses, inspire your inner feminine, and have gratifying experiences that will make you feel like a delicious Diva.

We’ll be immersing ourselves in both the modern and historical feminine arts of Italy, (and flirting, shopping, dining, drinking, dancing, and yes – even Tindering – all along the way!)

We’ll be hitting the best shopping outlets in the WORLD, enjoying Italian nightlife, fine and local dining, secret Diva beauty secrets, and learning the romantic back-story of our favorite Courtesans & Casanovas, (with the photo’s to prove it afterwards!)  If you’ve been yearning for gelato, vino, and lovely strolls thru Medieval Gardens, or learning about the art of love as seen through the eyes and words of Italian Poets, Painters, Musicians, and of course, getting pampered within a inch of our lives at divine Thermal Spa’s, and are ready to treat yourself to a truly once-in-a -lifetime romantic journey, then you’ll love what we have in store for you this October in Italy!

(And it’ll even be truffle season, too!)

We’ll be gazing at works of art like this …

And immersing ourselves in the romance of Italy, every step of the way!  Below is the overview about our upcoming whirlwind Diva Tour to Milan – Venice – Florence – Tuscany

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