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The TRUTH about Dating APPs, & the secret to Swiping Right!

Dating APPtitude

Get DATING APPtitude – The Secrets to 
‘Swiping Right!’  

If you’re like most single women, you’re probably more than ‘a little’ skeptical about dating APPs.

You might’ve heard that they’re “just for hook-ups” or geared for the “I-don’t-wanna-have-to-do-a-ton-of-work-here” millennial set.

You might be a little wary that the men on them will be either way too young, or their profiles will be far too brief, or they’ll just be WEARING briefs!

And that’s why so many of my clients are SHOCKED and appalled when I suggest that they immediately jump on them.

(Especially the gals that ask me that Million Dollar Question, “Where have all of the great men GONE?!”)

HINT: If you’ve been hunting and pecking for ‘suitable suitors’ on dating sites like Match and eHarmony, you’ll be SHOCKED to find that the pool of datable males on Dating APPs are often WAY more appealing there than on your formerly fabulous dating sites.

FLIRT FACT: APPs are awesome with a little Dating APPtitude!

The Fine Print: (Please read this!) Unfortunately, Dating APPs are very fast paced and require a whole new skill-set.


I’ll get you up-to-speed, (and dating, mating and MANHANDLING fabulous Lovebirds in no time!).

On this podcast, I’ll dispel the ‘3 Big Myths’ about dating apps and why men LOVE them (and you will too,  once you get this info under your garterbelt!

And I’ll show you 2 important tips that’l make them more effective for you without ruining your manicure. 

You’ll also hear some fabulous Romantic Reports from the Field that you won’t wanna  miss!

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