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Seven Steps to
Acing Your Second Date

Step 1: Banish your nerves So you fell head over heels on the first date? That giddy feeling is awesome, but it can make you overthink. Lauren Frances (@LaurensLoveRx), love coach and founder of The Institute of Romantic Research, has a solution: Concentrate on him during date No. 2. “If you’re really nervous, you tend […]

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Take His Breath Away: How To Make Out Like A Pro – YourTango

Pucker up, cuties, because you’re about to be schooled on your makeout style. Kissing — and being damn good at it — is something that we’ve all wondered about. Am I using too much tongue? Too breathy? Not enough biting? Chances are, you’ve thought it too but never been bold enough to say it out […]

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Learning to Love – The Sunday Independent

The yearning for love and intimacy never truly goes away. With that desire in mind, Constance Harris put herself in the hands of the US’s premier dating guru and suddenly the world seems to be full of nice, interesting and available men..Read more

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