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The 64 Million Dollar Question

Have you ever wondered what men REALLY want from women? (And no, it’s NOT just sex. Although it helps!) You CAN learn powerful ‘Manhandling intel’ that unlocks the ‘mating mysteries’ of the more rumpled sex…MEN. And for the record, this question is just as confusing to women in Milan and Paris and even Las Vegas…not to mention the delightful dames of Des Moines.)

To get the answer to the ‘The 64 Million Dollar Question”:

What do men REALLY what from women” just download thisKissCartoon free Podcast,

On it you’ll get the skinny on what inspires men to step up and really make you their own, and forever.

You’ll also discover what drives the male romantic selection process, what men NEED in a romantic partnership to feel like they’ve finally met the queen of their heart., and most importantly, what kind of MANHANDLING men require from women to make them CERTAIN they’ve found their legendary love.

You need this info, flirters! It is going to change the way you think about men, and how men show up for YOU and your relationship, forever. Get your Free Heartache Prevention Podcast, right here!

2 responses to “The 64 Million Dollar Question”

  1. Clare says:

    Hi Lauren

    Thank you for generously sharing these insights. I had an aha moment of so that’s what I have been doing – I have been showing disapproval to the one person I love and care about for silky things because it’s easier to do this then reveal how much I care and what that might mean. But listening to your audio I didn’t realise that I might have been hurting him and making him feel what he had to offer and give the world wasn’t good enough when all along its me feeling I could never be good enough for him or a match for the beautiful ex’s of his past.

  2. Candy says:

    Good stuff! I love everything she says about no longer being a spectator! Get up and move, don’t just sit there and let life pass you on by while you watch it go! She is really more than inspiring me now. I know these things but I have someone close to me who needs to hear this girl speak. I think he would listen to someone else. She speaks of being per-insulin dependent and such and it hits home now bro! My hubby so needs to hear this! Thanks

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